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Senior Director of the Global Government Affairs at Microsoft Gives Public Lecture

On 17th March 2017, John Galligan – Senior Director of the Global Government Affairs at Microsoft International, gave a public lecture on Cloud Computing and its future to legal and IT students, as well as members of the public.

The lecture focused on the future role and importance of digital transformation through the Cloud. Mr. Galligan emphasized on the importance of various stakeholders in technology, policy and business, working together in order to achieve a future in technology that is trusted, responsible and inclusive.

Following the emergence and growth of the previous industrial evolutions, Mr. Galligan was optimistic that the 4th Industrial Evolution will be powered by the Cloud. He mentioned that the emerging evolution of technology will result to almost every business relying on digital data to make their business more efficient. There is therefore a need to look into law and policies that will regulate this shift.

Mr. Galligan went ahead to set out the advantages and possible challenges that may face the implementation of Cloud Computing. He stated that cloud computing has been useful in the healthcare sector as well as in the fight against climate change, whereby Microsoft is currently working with Universities to develop hydroponic silicon farms in Japan. More importantly, cloud computing provides economic opportunity to undeserved communities all over the world, including Kenya. Through cloud computing, the Mawingu Organization based in Nanyuki provides affordable internet access to rural Kenya through its solar cyber cafes and its TV white space project.

With these advantages come challenges such as job displacement where technology is seen to be more efficient than human labor, the evident diminished privacy as well as income inequality and unequal access. Mr. Galligan however stressed on the point that technology ideally is meant to serve and compliment man, and that there is a need to strengthen human rights in relation to technology for future generations.

Microsoft has recently published a book; A Cloud for Global Good, which provides comprehensive case studies and policy considerations that will help guide governments and companies with major challenges surrounding regulating technology such as data sovereignty, security, compliance and privacy.

The public lecture proved to be informative and enlightening to the audience, who actively engaged with the Microsoft team through a Q & A session at the end.