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Rediscovering the Strathmore University DNA


What comes to mind when you see the word DNA? Well, science defines it as the parts of an organism that contain valuable information that is key for its development and functioning. On April 14, 2021, Prof. John Odhiambo – Vice-Chancellor – Strathmore University, helped refresh our minds on what makes up our DNA as the Strathmore family. He explored the SU Way as laid down by our “founding father”, St. Josemaría Escrivá. Umpiring us through this initial virtual event organized by the Culture Committee was Roy Were – Director Strategy and Quality Assurance at the Strathmore University Business School.

How can we rediscover the SU DNA?

By looking back at the way our founding father lived: Intentionally doing our part as seekers of the greater good and not self-centeredness.

By acknowledging that our values do not exist in isolation but rather as manifold aspects that form our development as human beings. They are an ensemble of ideas that when twined together lead the growth of our system.

By keeping in mind that Strathmore is made up of teams and not groups. We all share similar goals and are each accountable for the result. In doing so we are cultivating excellence in all we do, be it in our dress code or in frequent upskilling.

Gradually, technology is showing us that some occupations will become obsolete. So, in line with one aspect of this year’s theme, lifelong learning, become a progress fanatic and see how exceptional your evolving self can be.

What does having these values do for the Strathmore family?

Our values have helped us develop enduring habits. In turn, habits allow us to have a stable existence that does not fade or get erased over time. This is because they are embedded in our mission as an institution that remains solvent.

Secondly, our values positively impact those involved in our journey at Strathmore and beyond. By impacting the lives of others we do not only hear but also do what we promote by making it part and parcel of our lives. Over time such acts of service flow freely making them our way of life.

When all is said and done, we have to remember that society is dynamic and that we have to keep at par. We can do this by progressively adjusting to it: Don’t just smell it. Live it. Live it by learning to discover and relearning the core values that hold us together. Continually seek to be relevant in society because there is no room for simplicity. Above all, remember to put God first and the family before letting other areas of life follow. Never trade your family responsibilities for your work, so find a balance in all you do so as to better serve your loved ones.

Do not forget to diarize May 12th, 2021 for our next exhilarating session and thereafter every second Wednesday of the month starting at 12 Noon. Let us rediscover the Strathmore DNA together. See you then!


This article was written by Annete Karanja.  


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