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Ready to serve

The security and maintenance teams, drivers and administration staff at a joint team building session at TGRV Circuit in Mai Mahiu, Rift Valley County.

To enhance collegiality within the team, the security and maintenance teams, drivers and administration staff had a joint team building session at TGRV Circuit in Mai Mahiu, Rift Valley County. Team building for support departments is key because it bonds teams together, builds trust, develops better communication, unearths hidden skills and boosts team work. Moreover, it allowed the team members to get to know each other better, have fun as they reminded each other of the importance of serving with joy.

Support departments

The support departments in the University are unique and do most of the background duties that could easily go unnoticed. There is a certain group of staff members that always ensures they are the first to arrive and very often the last to leave since they must make sure all the little details have been managed. This team includes the drivers, the maintenance team, handymen, the housekeeping team, the landscapers, the cafeteria staff and the security team. We should never forget to appreciate them.  Some of them arrive in the University before dawn and maintain a cheerful service spirit throughout the day. A virtue hard to practice yet very important in the line of service.

These teams are always ready to serve whenever they are called upon; when there is a leakage in the University the maintenance team is ready to repair it; when the students or staff need transport, the drivers are always at their service; when there is an emergency or a security loophole the security team will always be available and not forgetting the team that leaves Strathmore with a sparkle- our housekeeping department.

Appreciate them

It is easy to say that they are only doing their jobs, and to forget that these jobs require passion, dedication, a good state of mind and heart, and, most important, love for the job. In appreciation they need to be honoured, treated with respect and love.

Always say hallo to them while on duty, respect their work and often put yourselves in their shoes, and think what the University would be without them. We all need each other and we need to serve each other with joy.


This article was written by Esther Kanyi Muriithi, Manager, Administration Services. 

If you have a story, kindly email: communications@strathmore.edu