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Participants Graduate from the 2nd Home Management Education Course

Participants were privileged to undergo a 10 week insightful session on learning home management skills.


The Executive Home Management Education (EHoME) course focused on training both men and women on upgrading their homes, highlight practical lessons that aim at improving the standards of living in areas such as cooking, housekeeping, laundry and service.


The course, established by the Centre for Tourism and Hospitality (CTH), is essential to encourage and teach homemakers on the importance of keeping a warm home, trickling down to creating a warm society.


This 2nd EHoME class was particularly special because a gentleman, who is married and practices medicine, was among the enthusiastic students going through each weeks’ class. Mr. Vincent Njuguna explained his joy, stating that he has been of great help in his home since taking the classes.


Home manager Ms. Pauline Turasha was delighted to go through the ten week course, where her skills in home management and cooking were greatly improved. Ms. Pauline’s boss is thrilled by the fact that Pauline can now make loads of fresh meals in variety, stemming from her 10 weeks course.


Strathmore Business School member of Staff, Mrs. Christine Sakwa, expounded her joy in learning about different colored brooms that work at providing different kinds of cleaning services in the home. Mrs. Sakwa shared her delight in the fact that she can now clean with ease, stemming from the fact that she is aware of which broom is best for which surface, based on their color.


2nd year Bachelor of Science in Informatics and Computer Science student Elinor Kaguongo stated that these classes enabled her to acquire great skills in cooking, adding that she was the only child in her family who was not skilled in cooking. She expressed her delight to the fact that she was now termed a good chef at her home.


“I’m glad to have been a part of this class. For sure, my perspective on home management has been positively transformed. I now prepare some meals better and my house is more organized (as my mother put it). I’ve also become more confident in helping my friends come up with menus for their various occasions (whenever I’m called upon), because I’ve been equipped with variety in the preparation of a number of meals,” stated Ms. Atlanta Kufwafwa, member of staff at Strathmore School of Management and Commerce.


Participants who attended all ten classes were awarded with certificates that indicated the completion of the level 1 course.


To apply for the next EHoME course, interested home keepers can contact the administrator CTH on cth@strathmore.edu, or fill up a request form on the website. The program is open to all with no requirements for application required.

  • Cost for the full course is Kshs 20, 000/=
  • If you opt to attend selected sessions then the cost is Kshs 2,500/= per session.