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Outgoing Vice President of Strathmore Student Council speaks about her term in Office

21 year old Tabitha Nakholi, outgoing Vice President of the Strathmore University Student Council is both witty and outgoing, two qualities that endeared her to serve diligently during her tenure in office.  

She is humble and carries herself with a sense of decorum and dignity. Tabitha, the 2nd born in a family of 4 children, is indeed a paragon of leadership.

Tabitha speaks of her office journey with joy as she believes she did her very best to serve her colleagues with profession, patience and skill.

You are many things to many people, but who do you say you are?

I am a young, visionary African leader who wants to make a difference in the lives of other people. I began to see myself in this regard recently when I attended a conference for young leaders from developing nations in Atlanta, USA.

So, when did the leadership bug first hit you?

Well, that must have been in high school. I had the privilege of serving as a Chairperson of a club whereupon I interacted with students from many walks of life. Being quite young, I got to lead senior students and this strengthened my leadership skills from an early age. It has been a continuous process of always challenging myself and taking a higher ladder ever since.

What were the major highlights of your term in office?

We achieved many firsts during our term in office.

In November last year, we organized the first ever Cultural Week, an event where students from different cultures showcase their backgrounds and got to appreciate diversity.

We also initiated the Student of the Month programme to recognize outstanding students in academia, arts, research and sports.

We partnered with Founders magazine and Couture magazine starting the Strathmore Founder of the Year Award as part of our initiative to recognize entrepreneurial culture in Strathmore.

We also managed to expand the parking lot which students really needed.

If you were to time-travel backward, what would you do differently?

I would definitely enjoy my team members more, interact more with different people, share experiences and grow as a person.

Any lessons drawn from your stint as Vice President in the Student Council?

Yeah! I learnt a lot. One important thing I learnt is that you wouldn’t be able to impact everyone, instead you should focus on the ones you can impact on most and use what you have to make the most that you can.

What was it like to balance between books and leadership?

Having served as a Talent Manager in AIESEC, I was prepared to face the challenges that came. I realized that my first priority was books, so I came up with a timetable that helped me manage my time. It actually helped my grades improve.

“Books maketh a man” What genre of books are you into?

I am more into leadership books. I am currently reading, Leadership 101 by John C. Maxwell who is my favourite author. Such books help me grow as an individual and help me overcome my weaknesses and focus on my strength.

What does the future hold for you?

I intend to start a foundation in Busia County to help girls learn about leadership, technology and innovation. I believe I have been blessed to become a blessing to others. I want to use the knowledge acquired to impact their lives positively.