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Our experience at the Boston Consulting Group – Nawiri Program


Whether it’s one’s first semester of university or one is in their senior year, making a point to be involved in on-campus activities is a rewarding experience. #GoPlacesWithSU, our well known Strathmore University slogan rightly serves to encourage the students to be more and explore all the opportunities offered.

Elizabeth Wambua and Maestro Rotich, both pursuing the Bachelor of Business Science – Financial Engineering course, have been friends and classmates since they became Stratizens in 2019. A new title now defines their relationship as they will be colleagues in January 2023. In their 3rd year, they took part in a fellowship program that resulted in an internship opportunity offer at Boston Consulting Group (BCG). Doubling that up, they completed the Fellowship and were offered full time job opportunities at BCG. The 4th of November 2022 marked the culmination event of Strathmore Institute of Mathematical Sciences students who were part of the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) Group Nawiri program.

Where it began

BCG is among the top leading management consulting firms in the world. With the recent establishment of their offices in Nairobi, Kenya, Strathmore Institute of Mathematical Sciences (SIMS) partnered with Boston Consulting Group to launch the Nawiri program at Strathmore University targeting high performing 3rd year students. 

Beginning with case competitions, the students were required to create a market entry strategy advising a potential global retailer interested in penetrating the Kenyan market, on the pros and cons. Thereafter, the best of the teams were selected to have an oral interview with consultants at BCG and the crème de la crème, nine in total, were selected to be part of the Fellowship program, granting them access to a global platform in the consulting industry.

Nawiri Program

In groups of three, Elizabeth, Maestro and Steven, were to assist a Global Fintech company, using a market entry strategy, on how to penetrate the East Africa markets. Through constant consultations with a client counterpart, they presented findings and solution-oriented ideas that influenced how the company viewed its performance upon entry. Consultants at BCG were supportive and they ensured that the fellows were well equipped on how to contact and maintain communication chains with the client and how to present our findings to the client.

Learning and growing

Maestro: Choosing to be part of this Fellowship program while still attending school sessions was a tough decision, but with it came lessons in time management and multitasking.

Elizabeth: We learnt how to let the PowerPoint slides do the talking. Considering we had masses of research findings, it was nerve-wracking to decide what and which sections to feature in a 10 slide PowerPoint. 

Maestro: BCG gave us a platform that exposed us to various key players in the industry which has given us the impetus to effect change as youths.

What are your work expectations for the 2023 internship opportunity?

Maestro: Of course, traveling! It is a travel career. Here is to #GoingPlaces.

Elizabeth: Yes! (affirming Maestro) And working with classmates in the same industry! I’m excited that aside from Maestro, two of my close friends will be working at BCG! 

Maestro: Also learning. Beyond the roles that we will be assigned, I look forward to networking and working with brilliant minds in the consulting field.

While you read this…

Maestro: Do not wait until the last minute to join a club or participate in the activities your faculty offers. How else will you know the experience if you do not give it a try? Go for it! Engage your lecturers, they are in your line of career.

Elizabeth: Check your emails. Even your spam folders. The opportunities are there. You just have to seize them.


Congratulations Elizabeth Wambua and Maestro Rotich. Go and Be More!


This article was written by Jemmy Kamau. 



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