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My Amazing experience with Strathmore girls

A big bus drives into the gates of St. Josephine Bakhita Girl’s. I, like all the other girls, was so eager to see who is inside this familiar looking bus. Memories of the visit by Strathmore students, accompanied by a German team came to mind. Thanks to the 2013 August visit, we now have a dining hall to eat from. Strathmore University is back, just like they promised, and this time round, it’s a group of young ladies.


Read about COP’s first visit here.


Rumor had it that we were going to receive some visitors who would offer us assistance in finishing the incomplete labs and dining hall, but none of us expected it to be elegant looking ladies. Will they manage? I thought to myself. With those manicured nails, well-kept hair and fancy dressing? They really cannot be serious! More thoughts echoed.


As they walked towards us, I got this strong feeling of wanting to join Strathmore University and be like them. Most of us cannot imagine having to wait for our opportune moment to be in their shoes. Their warmth and concern, radiant in their faces, was magnetic and inspiring. They introduced themselves to us and we realize that they are girls, just like us. We liked their dressing, their talking, their demeanor! (I wish they knew what we felt about them).


In as much as they were ladies, they handled the task at hand with so much ease. Manicure aside, they got their hands dirty as they fixed window panes for our newly constructed laboratory. With finesse, they erased the shell-look of the lab and made it look great and ready for use.


The evening came and mentoring took center stage. We got into groups of five and settled at different corners within the school compound. Talks varying from relationships, career, education, family, religion, friendship etc., were the highlight of our discussion – and I must admit they were invaluable. We were so inspired.


Their days with us were coming to a close, and I wished they didn’t have to leave.  However, we had no control over time, but I am happy they came to be with us. I also hoped they would make their visit routine.


We had  fun and learnt alot, and the experience was wonderful. We wish that we could just have you guys forever. Journey mercies and come back soon.


We love you guys.


Joy Omalla

Form 3 Student

St. Josephine Bakhita Girls’ Secondary School