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Marketing Lecturer Thrity Engineer Attains Coaching ACC Credentials

Adjunct Marketing Lecturer and Coach Mrs. Thrity Engineer – Mbuthia, recently attained the ACC credentials, an achievement that validates and confirms her coaching profession.

Thrity who is passionate about marketing began coaching by chance, years back when through her previous employer, offered life support and solutions to colleagues in need of career path directions. Through this experience, and encouragement from peers, Thrity opted to pursue the Coaching path as a second profession, a decision that has since allowed her to pursue the different qualifications in the field.

Coaching is defined as the process of providing development in a person, through a coach, who supports a learner or client in achieving a specific personal or professional goal by providing training and guidance.

The coach walks with you, in a lifetime journey to help an individual see what they cannot see. In Kenya, the coaching profession is still fairly new, a factor that is informing the coaching fraternity to urge many more people to join the profession.

In her pursuit to gain professional grounding in the coaching field, Thrity attained the ACC credential, the very first certificate to achieve in this field. She is now among the small group of 10-15 people with ACC credentials nationwide.

The ACC (Associate Certified Coach) credential, under the global International Coaches Federation (IFC), affirms the coaching skills individuals have taken, providing a subtle assurance that these coaches can genuinely practice coaching.

Acquiring an ACC credential requires that an individual undergoes a coach training recognized and certified by IFC. An individual is also expected to conduct a certain minimum number of coaching hours in the process of getting this qualification. The individual is also expected to have worked with a coach mentor, who takes them through a program that helps them acquire certain skills needed to improve their experience. After the three steps, this individual can now undertake a 3 hour exam, answering 150 multiple choice questions and passing with a 70% and above mark.

To join a coaching profession, individuals are required to first and foremost, develop an interest in the field.

If the individual likes helping people like I do, or they enjoy communicating and listening, coaching is an area one can tap into. After identifying their interest, the individual can now join a coaching class that is accredited by IFC to learn how to be good at the profession.

Coaching has the ability to transform someone’s life personally and professionally. Where individuals may be struggling with managing people, or situations, getting the help of a coach would be the first step in finding a solution to the struggles. Therefore, individuals who engage with a coach, to be self-aware, would stand to benefit more and be more equipped for the path they wish to take.

Coaching would be of benefit to individuals, students, young professionals, and industry experts who would benefit from leveraging on their strengths identified as they become more self-aware.


Congratulations to Mrs. Thrity Engineer-Mbuthia on her great achievement.