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Kwetu Home of Peace to Receive Affordable Services from Strathmore Medical Centre

Strathmore University Medical Centre and Kwetu Home of Peace signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) agreement on 20th of March, 2015. The agreement is set for three years and will be extended on a need assessment basis. The MoU enables the medical center to meet special needs of the home through periodical progress reports examining crucial areas of attention. Rendering accessible and affordable healthcare services is one of Strathmore Medical Centre’s primary goal. This founding policy and commitment ensures that Strathmore’s surrounding community taps onto the quality health care provided by the Centre.


Kwetu Home of Peace is a rehabilitation center that recuperates street children back to their homes. Mending broken ties between the children and their significant others is a long and vigorous process of proper reconciliation that requires a lot of attention, which is only achievable when the children are in sound health.

Strathmore’s relationship with Kwetu Home of Peace

Kwetu’s relationship with Strathmore has been very cordial, strengthened through the Community Service Center’s (CSC) arm of the University. CSC has been very essential in providing mentoring services to the home on a weekly basis, and to what has now become a tradition; holding Christmas/ end of year parties for the children. Sister Angela- Director Kwetu Home of Peace, speaks of the excitement the children elude every Thursday when members of CSC visit the home for mentoring sessions. “The children look forward to their interaction with the students from Strathmore since they always come up with games and exercises for the children to engage in,” jolly Sister Angela narrates. Strathmore also provides the home with amenities such as water supply and access to the playing fields.

What will the MoU entail?

The MoU is an extension of Strathmore’s relations with the home, an addition to the six years the University has been in touch with the home’s activities. “Strathmore is closer and a facility we have grown to trust,” tells Sister Angela. According to Harriet Koyoson- Manager SU Medical Centre, the health facility has already done the screening for the children taken in January. Ms. Koyoson mentioned that the institution will also be providing counselling services to foster a holistic healing process for the children.


SU medical centre will be; screening children once they are rehabilitated to the home, offer basic outpatient treatment and will also be administering health talks to both the children and staff members. Health education, majorly on sanitation and hygiene will ensure that the staff members from the home receive proper guidance on how best they should handle health related cases within the centre. Ms. Koyoson in her remarks expressed the centers goal, which is to help Kwetu recognize their objectives in properly integrating the children to their homes. She also acknowledged that there is a lot of room for growth to how Strathmore can be of help to the home, aligning to SU’s goals in providing service to its surroundings and the society.


The clinic’s donors are also interested in seeing to it that accessible and affordable medical services are rendered to any person who visits the facility, and in making that possible, the institution has set apart an endowment fund which caters for anyone who is in need of medical services and cannot meet the expenses. The fund will also oil CSR driven initiatives ran by the clinic.