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Johari Education Project for Strathmore Housekeeping Staff

Started by a group of Strathmore staff and student volunteers, the Johari Education Project is an on-going academic mentoring programme for members of the university’s housekeeping staff.

Every Friday afternoon, staff and student volunteers meet the Johari participants and take them through a one-hour class in English and Mathematics. To increase contact time, they also provide the participants with assignments and conduct one-to-one mentoring sessions outside class for those who wish to get extra help in their studies. In addition, the programmes has received a generous donation of books which are available for the housekeepers to borrow and use at home for their personal study.

Moureen Miano, a second year BBS student, is one of the programme volunteers. In joining the project, Moureen wanted to share her knowledge and skills to teach the housekeepers how to apply mathematics in business. Her class on how to start and run a business was highly appreciated, as most of the housekeepers made a special request to receive classes on entrepreneurship in the course of the programme.  Elizabeth Radina, a student of Strathmore Institute, and Catherine Mumo, a second year Bachelor of International Studies student, are also volunteers of the Johari Project. With their background in international studies, Elizabeth and Catherine taught English pronunciation, CV writing, and attaining self-confidence, skills which they consider important for professional housekeepers.

Staff volunteers Ms. Loyce Okoth, Deputy Head of Strathmore’s Housekeeping Department, and Dr. Rose Catacutan, School of Humanities and Social Sciences lecturer, are Johari’s programme administrators. Apart from giving classes, they work together in the recruitment of participants and teachers, course design, student assessment, and overall supervision of the course.

Mrs. Mariam Nzangi, Head of Strathmore’s Housekeeping Department, says that the housekeepers participating in the Johari Project are happy and grateful for the support and knowledge received so far. She states that there is a lot that remains to be done and hopes that more of the university’s housekeepers can benefit from the programme.


Participation in the Johari Education Project is on a voluntary basis. Students and staff who are interested to joining are requested to apply through johariproject@gmail.com