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Investigative Committee Press Release

Following its appointment by the Strathmore University Council, the Investigative Committee has commenced its work.



In order to carry out a thorough assignment, the committee welcomes input from all interested stakeholders. Kindly send your feedback, any useful information or suggestions to investigativecommittee@strathmore.eduon or before 12 noon on Thursday, 10th December 2015.


Terms of reference:

  1. To determine how the drill/simulation was prepared and who was involved in the preparations (both internally and externally).
  2. To determine how and by whom the decision was made as to the content of the event and design of the simulation.
  3. To understand the mobilization and use of resources involved in the planning and execution of the simulation.
  4. To understand the decision making process in the roles of:

(i)                  The Strathmore University Security Committee

(ii)                The Strathmore University Management Board

(iii)               The Strathmore University Council

  1. To understand and assess the adequacy of the training and information flow for the following groups before the event was executed:

(i)                  The Strathmore University students

(ii)                The Strathmore University staff

(iii)               The Strathmore University stakeholders

  1. To understand the shortcomings in the strategic management of the drill that may need to be addressed to avert similar disasters in the future.
  2. To recommend what actions should be taken on any persons found culpable based on the report.
  3. To give recommendations regarding the victims.
  4. To advise on how the University can redeem its image.



Thank you.

Colonel Hillary Kilingi Kioko – Chairperson