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International Student Experience: Moses Tibayeita, Business Management


We can best describe Moses as a young scholar and a phenomenal student. At the age of 15, he became a certified rugby coach. At 16, he completed a certificate course in First aid offered by Red Cross, and at 17, he completed a certificate in basic psychology and did a bit of junior psychology work while concurrently running a mental health podcast.

Moses Tibayeita is now a student pursuing a Diploma in Business Management

Why did you choose Strathmore?

Moses hoped to pursue Archaeology but when schools were closed during the first Covid-19 lockdown his chance to complete his A-levels and immediately proceed to university was not possible. Instead, he found himself under the pupilage of his father who gave him different managerial positions in his company. During his time there, he realized that he had a knack for management. He then opted to reverse the order in which he would pursue his studies.

He had three options before him: to study in Kenya, Tanzania or Malawi to pursue a business course. He settled for Kenya, partly influenced by his knowledge of Strathmore from his days as his high school alma mater, King’s College, Budu. His father too supported this as he was well versed with the Kenyan market.

How did Strathmore meet or exceed your expectations?

Strathmore was beyond my expectations in terms of the details such as the stipulated dress code and rich student culture. It has arguably one of the best business schools, if not the best business school in this part of Africa.”

He wanted an opportunity to expand his skills which the university offers especially outside of academics. The wide variety of co-curricular activities is something he’s keen to explore. He’s currently a member of the Strathmore Debate Society and is eyeing membership in a few more clubs. “I am able to join many clubs as there is a club that suits every interest. For example, I’m interested in the German and Karate clubs because I took part in these back in Uganda. Additionally, I have the means to start my own if I so wished.

How different is the experience here versus Uganda?

Moses considers living in Kenya a very different experience from living in Uganda.

He struggled with language barrier as he does not speak Kiswahili. He says, “Kenya is very different from Uganda. Kenya is a very individualistic country compared to Uganda which is a very collectivist country. Kenya is also a very fast paced country when compared to Uganda, where we move one step at a time.” Albeit the Kenyan culture is different, he’s still able to navigate through the challenges and get past the obstacles.

How did Strathmore enable you to adjust to the environment?

“The way I interact with my environment is what matters to me. If you don’t have a strong sense of where you are going you will get caught up in the crowd.”

He aims to be the best in his class, build his skillset and make himself the most attractive person CV-wise. For him, Strathmore providing him with different means to achieve his goals is the main reason he is able to push further in his studies. ” Within the semester I felt academically drained, but the debate tournament reinvigorated me. Without such an opportunity, I may not have been able to get through the semester.”

After this course he hopes to pursue a Bachelor Business Science in Financial Economics as he continues on his path of knowledge.