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Institute of Compassion


Upon completion of her O-levels, Sharon Johnson opted to pursue a diploma instead of proceeding to A-levels. This is when she made the decision to join Strathmore University, which she did on January 6th, 2020. Despite Strathmore being her parents’ top choice, not hers, she is happy with her decision. She said, “the University has surpassed my expectations by far and I am proud to continue my studies here and experience the growth that Strathmore University pushes us towards.”

 What impressed her the most about Strathmore Institute?

The most impressive thing about the university for Sharon was the seamless transition from physical to online learning. In her words “Strathmore greatly exceeded my expectations. It was simple to integrate into the Strathmore community, thanks to engaging lecturers who provide personalized attention to each student regardless of the number of students.” This continuous engagement of students by the institution gave her great comfort in knowing that the University is equally as invested as the students in ensuring that they receive quality education, regardless of external conditions.

The University’s support goes beyond education. It creates a homely feel for all their students, where everyone is treated as family. When Sharon lost her father to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Institute offered her support, both emotionally and financially. “Financial aid was offered to me by the administration, and I also received a condolence note from my course administrator, which was heartwarming. My facilitators were not only available for me at the time to condole with me and the family, but they were also present when I needed assistance accessing my school notes.” The aid given by the faculty allowed her to catch up with her studies after the storm had passed.

Why continue learning at Strathmore University?

The sea of opportunities that is Strathmore is one that Sharon has taken a dive in. She has taken a stab at various roles and has held titles in the following capacities: member of the 13th Student council Vice President’s senate, former member of the Public Relations senate for the 12th council, the Vice President of the Strathmore Chorale, the President of the Strathmore Chorale and currently the assistant communications director of the Strathmore University Media group.

Sharon’s journey has been full of ups and downs; one filled with growth and one that is far from over. She awaits to join the School of Humanities and Social Sciences to pursue a degree in International Studies, but her time at the Strathmore Institute will be one she is eternally grateful for.


This article was written by Faith Tuarari.


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