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@iLabAfrica Students Win Google Online Marketing Challenge 2nd Year in a Row

A team of students represented Strathmore University @iLabAfrica Research Centre for the Google Online Marketing Challenge emerging top in Middle East & Africa Business Category. This is a tremendous achievement given the size of the competition. 


This is the second time a group of @iLabAfrica students have won in such a competition. 


Prior to participating in the Google Challenge, some of the team members enrolled in the @iLabAfrica Digital Advertising Certification Program. The trainings were very effective as the students not only got a lot of insights in conducting a real campaign but also created lifelong contacts of various experienced professionals in the online marketing industry. Joining the competition created team zeal and strengthened their bond which was key throughout the challenge period.


Google offers a professional accreditation to individuals who demonstrate proficiency in basic and advanced aspects of AdWords, the Google AdWords Certification.


The Strathmore Digital Advertising Academy has partnered with @iLabAfrica and Google to offer tailor-made digital advertising training and certification using Google’s digital advertising technology and tools. Learners are trained on how to use cutting-edge technologies for digital advertising and online marketing like Google AdWords, Google Ana­lyt­ics, Google AdWords API and others.


Google runs a global competition yearly that offers opportunities to students to experience and create online marketing campaigns using their technology.


Despite their win, the team experienced a great challenge with time, given the busy academic schedules of the team members. But with efficient planning and communication the team was able to overcome this. The team was properly organized, tasks were clearly assigned to each team member and participation by every member was key. The team was able to work with a real-life client which enabled them understand client dynamics in the industry.


Team Members

Innocent Dekok (Team Captain)

“The Google Online Marketing Challenge has opened up my career path in online marketing. This was a learning opportunity for me. I will consider participating in future competitions again.”


Maureen Wanjiru

“I enjoyed working together with the team throughout the competition. I got an opportunity to work with a real client who needed digital marketing solutions for their business. This was exciting”


Lorna Kipkoskei

“The competition was tough but we managed to endure as a team. I have learned a lot especially working with a team to deliver key results. This competition has sparked my interest in digital advertising and I see myself working on more future similar projects.”


Gloria Kaburu

“I enjoyed every moment throughout the competition, working with team members and coordinating tasks. I enjoy online marketing and definitely see myself pursuing a career in this field.”


Tess Munuve

“Through creative thinking and execution, our team was able to secure a top position. I am overwhelmed by how far our team has gone. This is a field I would love to work in.”



Ms. Tabitha Mberi-Certified Digital Advertising Trainer by Google.


“It was fun working with the students and I am proud of them. The challenge gave them an opportunity to work with a real client and learn how to carry out digital campaigns. I can’t wait to work with them and other students in the next challenge that comes up in 2017.”


Congratulations to the winning team!!