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Husna Adan Hassan – Attitude and Passion Make the Sciences Glow


2020 was my gap year and I spent it as a junior editor at Storymoja book publishers. I love to read and write. The pandemic allowed me to review and write reports from the comfort of our home. It was an awesome experience that makes me think I am one step closer towards being an asset to the world of writing.

2021, on the other hand, is my year to experience a childhood fascination with the magic behind circuit boards. I can’t wait to unravel this mystery. I was born in Lamu and I am the 3rd born in my family. In January this year, I joined the pioneering class of the Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. This was such an honor.

What advice would you give to those who struggle with Mathematics and Sciences?

I believe attitude and passion are the major drivers of success in any field. I would encourage all who are struggling with Mathematics and Sciences to first embrace them and have a positive attitude. Only then will they see progress in their input. Mathematics and Sciences are not just subjects but a way of life in our current society. Secondly, persistence is the key. No matter how challenging a subject/field is, persistence and hard work always pay off. It’s been proved by many that growth is an uncomfortable process and pain is a necessary investment for progress.

My life mantra is “Live Learn Explore”

I try to live life to the fullest, enjoying little things in it and being happy with my journey. I make an effort to make those around me happy because I believe where there is understanding, progress is inevitable. I also learn as much as I can from my failures because in that, I dilute my fears. To explore more, I seek new knowledge and expound on what I already know. Knowing that I can be all I desire propels me to work extra harder in all I do. I involve others in my journey where I can so I can learn from them as they challenge me out of my comfort zones. I believe passion is the echo that keeps us going when the goal is only a mirage.


Strathmore is the best university for me. Its top-notch facilities, supportive lecturers, and conducive study environment only fuel the pursuit to up my game. Also, the University is affiliated with top universities around the world which makes it easier to pursue studies abroad, if need be.

I believe in myself; however, I do have a mentor who helps keep me in check.  I have an opportunity to shape the future of the next generations and I do not want to blow my chance by not being at my best.


This article was written by Annete Karanja.


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