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HR Management student Nicole Wanjiru nominated for the BAKE Awards 2017

22 year old Nicole Wanjiru Kimani, a 4th year Human Resources Management major student, has recently been nominated for the 2017 Bake Awards; Best Religious or Spirituality Blog category.

Nicole, who is passionate about living for Jesus, chose to start a blog in 2014 while in her 2nd year, in an effort to influence and impact young Kenyans on living for God.

Why did you start your blog?

I was on long holiday in 2014, and I did not have anything major to do within the three months. I approached a fellow blogger to teach me on blogging. He taught me how to write on BlogSpot which is attached to ones google account. I enjoyed using it to write out my thoughts and ideas but I did not think it will grow as much as it has now.

What is your blog about?

In my blog AliveinMe, I talk about my stories, events I attend, and any activities I engage in that feature the God in me.

How did you get nominated?

I was shocked I was nominated, because I don’t know if I have such a large audience. When they called for people to submit for nomination, I was very unsure about being shortlisted, because I believe their other bloggers in the same category who are much better bloggers than I am. I got a call this Monday from a friend who informed me that I had been nominated.

Last year I moved from BlogSpot – which had a smaller audience, to WordPress – which attracts a larger audience. I think that was one of the reasons I was considered. They may have picked me based on the content I blog about.

Who is your audience and what are some of the things you talk about?

I target young people my age, slightly older or younger.

I write on faith and spiritual maturity sharing the challenges I face as a young lady. Sometimes as young people we assume that being spiritual is for the older people but I believe that’s not the case. I share about walking and growing in faith.

I write about Christian dating as well, as I believe we should be involved in purposeful dating.

Generally I blog about going against the norm. In the bible we are told not to conform to the patterns of the world but to be transformed by the renewal of our minds. I write about how one can be transformed into new thinking and living.

I have a section for “AliveinThem” where I wish to feature other people who are making it in life and have Christ in them.

How often do you blog?

Twice a month.

I am currently working at getting guest writers who can add another perspective to the blog. Because I am a lady, I tend to write a lot about lady challenges etc. if I get other writers (preferably men) with a different touch, the blog will be able to identify with both genders.

How did you end up blogging considering the course you study at Strathmore?

In a way I believe my course ties to my blogging because I am a big reader and I enjoy writing. When I am writing I address people, which is similar to my career path where I will interact with people a lot more. I am not an extrovert but when I sit with people I enjoy sharing ideas and connecting.

Out of all the majors I would have picked in the School of Management and Commerce, HR was my best pick. It is a natural option for me because of the engaging.


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