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Housekeeper Rosemary Adum is grateful to Strathmore University

For housekeeper Rosemary Adoyo Adum, working at Strathmore University has served as a big blessing and a big honour. For the last five years, Rosemary has worked diligently in the housekeeping department, an opportunity she is grateful for.

Rosemary joined the University without any experience in housekeeping and she was fortunate to receive training in the field, which enabled her to succeed in this career path. She attained a certificate in housekeeping after the training.

What is your daily routine like?

We arrive at work by 6 am and leave at 1 pm. We are assigned locations where we clean daily, so once we arrive, we change into our work clothes and proceed to our stations. We work for 7 hours a day.

How has your experience at Strathmore been?

I have learnt a lot from Strathmore. I have learnt to work as a team, to live in oneness with my neighbours and to work diligently for God.

My biggest gratitude to the University came about when my son was unwell and I received so much support from the Strathmore community. Last February, I found out that my son had a hole in the heart that needed immediate medical attention. I did not have the money – I needed Kshs. 1 million for his treatment – I did not know where I was going to get it from. After the hospital confirmed that my son could be operated on, I was tasked with raising this huge amount of money for the treatment.

Immediately I spoke to my manager at work who created a proforma form for me to use to raise money. Together with my colleagues we circulated the form to all offices and managed to raise Kshs. 165,000 which, together with the NHIF funds brought our money to three-quarters of the amount required for the surgery. By God’s grace, the hospital waived the remaining fee. My son was then scheduled for an operation in October. He recuperated very well and was discharged after two weeks. He is 9 years old now.

God is good, He has always provided for me this time.

What motivates you to work hard?

I love my work because from it, I have educated my children, provided for my daily bread and helped me grow as an individual. I have six children who depend on me. I am therefore thankful for my work because I am able to provide for them.

I also run a small business at home where I work after leaving Strathmore. This helps me raise more funds to support the children.

When you are not at work or doing business what do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I love singing. I sing for our church choir. On weekends I spend time practicing singing in church.


I want to thank the University community for supporting me in my time of need. Truly I saw the spirit of togetherness and unity at a time of need.  God will truly bless them for their generosity.