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Honored to Receive the I&M Scholarship; Student Spotlight JudyAlice

“My scholarship journey began when we attended a language contest at a neighboring rival school when I was in high school. The best overall person was to be awarded a scholarship for a short course after clearing school, by the event sponsors. I had a feeling that this would land squarely on my hands. I did the paper and waited for the results in the evening. To my disappointment, I did not emerge as the best. The award, a scholarship and a laptop, were taken by another student. We were given our papers on our way back to school. Recounting my marks, I realized that I had ten marks above what had been recorded, way above the student who had received the award. It was a painful experience. After unsuccessful pledges by my school that the award be bestowed to me, my English teacher’s words are what gave me a new lease of life to get over it. ‘JudyAlice, you will get a scholarship where and when it matters most’…”


This sets the journey for one of our privileged 18 year old I&M Scholarship beneficiary, JudyAlice Wangui Kinori. JudyAlice who is in her 1st year 2nd Semester at Strathmore University, attained grade A- in her KCSE 2013 national examination and is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Business IT (BBIT).


Family background…

I’m the middle child in a family of five kids. My parents are farmers in Othaya, Nyeri County.


On studying at Strathmore…

I am enjoying my study at Strathmore University. The
lecturers and the students are courteous and respectful, creating
an enabling learning environment. I admire the professionalism in
which issues are handled at the university.

Though it was a bit hard to adjust to the dress code, I have come to
like it and the look of decency across the institution.


What motivated you to work hard in high school?

I have been an excellent student since childhood. However my greatest motivation lay in the fact that I didn’t like the condition my family lives in. I kept thinking I need to change that to the best of my ability so that my parents, my siblings and even my future kids do not live this life any longer than they have to.


I also wanted to make my dad proud. My two elder siblings were not doing very well in school, so he put a lot of hope in me since my childhood.

I also didn’t want to disappoint myself.


In school at Our Lady of Mercy Mugoiri Girls Murang’a, I did ‘smart learning’ which involved; organizing my time well, listening to the teachers and consulting time where need be so that I grasp as much as I can.


Your Strathmore Scholarship journey…

When my results were out, my aunt advised me to apply for a scholarship at Strathmore. I wanted to do mass communication specifically journalism, unfortunately Strathmore was not offering the course. I was a bit torn, but I thought I would rather apply for the scholarship and if I get it, I offload the school fees burden from my parents. I saw the next best course for me would then be in IT. I applied and four months later I got a scholarship.


I attended so many interviews, made numerous inquiries, a real test of patience. Luckily this patience, my never-ending hope, my hard work, my ambition, and not discrediting my faith, all bore fruits on 29/7/2014 when I received the phone call. Although the course is different from what I initially wanted to do, I am falling in love with it every day.


What motivates/inspires you now?

I read a lot of motivation books, one of my favorites is ‘Tough times don’t last, but tough people do’ by Robert Schuller.


The encouragement by my English teacher after missing out on the scholarship in high school also keeps me going. I know that at the right time all things work out and fall into place, so I never allow myself to feel discouraged.


What do you do in your spare time?

I write poems and articles for different events. I also enjoy playing the piano.


Any advice to young students aspiring to get where you are or even further?

Let your dreams come from within. Don’t let circumstances hinder you from excelling.


Mine started as a story of loss and pain, and ended as a story of gain and gratification. A story that brings a genuine smile on my face in lieu of tears. And when that last chapter of my old novel closed, I opened a new fresh page in a new book to write another story. Thank you I&M Bank Limited and Strathmore University for giving me a fresh page to write on. I have pledged that I will fly, if I am unable to fly I will run, unable to run I will walk, if walking fails me I will crawl until I finally achieve what matters most.


We wish JudyAlice the best in her endeavors.