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Graduate Spotlight: Warren Maua – Basketball, work, study


Warren Maua is set to graduate with first-class honors in Bachelor of Business Science in Finance in the 17th graduation. He attributes his great achievement to the Strathmore community that he joined and immersed himself in, believing in himself, and putting in the hours.

Grateful for the opportunities and skills he has acquired throughout the four years, he looks forward to hearing the words, “I confer to you all the rights, privileges and honours that appertain to this degree.”

My Strathmore experience

“Enrolling into Strathmore was made possible through my basketball scholarship. After completing high school, I played for one of the local teams in the Nairobi Basketball Association league. It was during the league that Strathmore spotted my skills. My team manager also put in a good word. I was called in for try-outs and recruited thereafter. Previously, I was certain I wanted to pursue medicine. However, as it is said, there are two endings in life; the one you want and the one you get. By the time I was trying out at Strathmore, it was clear that I would have to pivot. Strathmore came in at the right time.

As I call to mind my Strathmore experience, I would categorize it into three stages, with the first being the challenge. I remember saying during my enrolment interview that I wanted a challenge: I certainly got one, especially in terms of the content taught since it had a high level of abstract ideas and information. After the challenge came growth. I am not the same person that I was four years ago, especially in terms of my thought process, and I would highly attribute this to my Strathmore experience. I have been learning constantly and channeling my best self. Then comes the reward stage. Having interacted with my classmates and the faculty at large, I have been exposed to numerous opportunities that have aided my growth. As I progress, I hope I can learn and grow even more.

Balancing between school, work and basketball

While studying, apart from playing basketball, I worked part time at Decathlon, a sport merchandise shop. Critical to juggling through it all was maintaining clear lines of communication with my coach and superior at work, especially when my basketball games clashed with my working hours at Decathlon. I would inform my coach or supervisor well in advance in case I would be unable to make it to either station. Props to both of them for being enablers. It was exhausting, but I am grateful for it.

In basketball, I believe there are two types of players in terms of skills – the naturally gifted and the ones who have to work extra hard. I am definitely one of the latter. I have intentionally chosen to work extra hard even in my strong areas and it has made it possible for me to maneuver through my studies.

Parting Short

The best part of my in-class Strathmore experience was when the case method was applied by one of my lecturers. It made things very real and challenged all of us to really think about how things work or should work given the academic knowledge that we had. To anyone hoping to pursue any degree course in Strathmore, I would encourage them to pursue knowledge instead of grades and to have fun. I believe outside the classroom is where most of the learning can come. They should invest in building strong, helpful relationships with their classmates and faculty. These have proven invaluable for me. Allow your university experience to, most of all, shape how you think.”


This article was written by Briege Mwangi.      


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