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Graduate Spotlight: Jeff Amatete – Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management


Meet Amatete Jeff Dan, an all-rounded personality in his Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management course. He had a few things to tell us about his #StrathmoreExperience as we continue with our series of Class of 2020 interviews.

I grew up in Nairobi, along Ngong Road, a place full of memories and long-time friendships. I love travelling and I once witnessed the majestic giraffe quenching thirst and allowing oxpeckers to cool off from the drops of every sip. Nature has always been an interest of mine from a young age. I went for tourism as I wanted to interact more with diverse cultures as humanity has a lot to offer from nature’s symbiotic and selfless relationships. My Dad, an alumnus of  Strathmore University also encouraged me  to pursue Tourism.

Mellow and full of flavours

I cannot forget to mention that I participated in planning one of the top events of 2019 at Strathmore University, the Food Euphoria. I also got many opportunities to engage with industry players through conferences and workshops; this was eye-opening as I learned more about environmental conservation. I had an exceptional time as I once represented the School of Tourism and Hospitality in the Young Seminars Conference on Sustainable Tourism in Mombasa.

I could go on and on but I’d term my Strathmore experience as mellow and full of flavours, if you get the pun…

I try not to recall any awkward moments, especially in the first year (laughs). I have many memorable moments and experiences but the one closest to heart is understanding the particulars of group dynamics and work experiences as we carried out the planning of the Food Euphoria event.

I am glad to be able to achieve this milestone. I was dreading a virtual graduation and I must say that I can’t wait; I will cherish every moment of this on-campus ceremony and I believe it will be an epic graduation. I know my family and friends would have given anything to see and hug their own shortly after my conferment but I’m happy that they will be following the proceedings online.

Don’t be complacent

I understand there is no growth in the comfort zone. I am generally an introvert and don’t speak out so much. However, at Strathmore, I had to grow out of my comfort zone and interact more with others which sharpened my people skills. I also got a great opportunity to learn skills in public speaking, which used to make me nervous (giggles); but now I am much better at communication.

To those wishing to join Strathmore, career decisions are very important endeavors. You want to undertake a course and career that tugs at your roots and core. Something you look forward to doing and enjoying. So, take the time to make that decision and don’t be complacent!


This article was written by Francis Kabutu.


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