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Graduate Spotlight: Jasreet Kaur Dadhiala – Bachelor of Commerce double major in Human Resource Management and Marketing.


After 4 years in Strathmore University, I want to be a student forever…

I have always wanted to develop competency in at least two areas of study and Strathmore University offered me that in – Bachelor of Commerce where I focused on Human Resource Management and Marketing which blended the knowledge I needed to be above par in all I do. The opportunities I got as a Stratizen are amazing. From having a mentor, the career fairs, University guest speakers, events like the round tables, and also culture week added to the well-rounded academic I am today.  Just being a student had its own perks which I only realize now that I am an alumna. For instance, having a general conversation with anyone in cafeteria or having the library at your disposal online and offline.

Have you grown as a person in the 4 years you have been here?

Words are not enough but for sure my mindset has evolved. When I joined Strathmore, I was a like a kid. Now, I cannot believe that I think like a person with so much experience. Case in point, I do not look at only one side of any story but weigh the various sides and then come up with a conclusion. I look at things in depth and not just face value.  Previously, I never bothered to research on global emerging trends. But now, I love researching on topics just to know the facts and be prepared when I engage in conversation. I have developed the urge to constantly learn, educate myself and stay updated. After 4 years in Strathmore, I want to be a student forever. There is nothing better than the experience you gain as a student. Over and above that, I have also learnt how important our mental health is with the mental health club and the importance of looking out for one another.

What would you be your words of wisdom to the incoming students?

Enjoy every moment in Strathmore. Take up the chances offered even when you are not sure how they will add value to you. You will learn a thing or two from such experiences. Maintain the connections you make with your lecturers; you will need them some day. Do not take your ethics and self-development classes for granted. They are the units that will take you through life decisions especially when you do not know where you stand. Be friendly with everyone. You never know whose door you will knock at when you leave campus. Take advantage of those student clubs, activities and have fun throughout your years. You may sometimes feel overwhelmed; it will happen. But do not let it affect you. Continue working hard and do not be discouraged by anyone. You’ve got what it takes to be a Stratizen.

There is no secret to being in the Dean’s list. You have to work hard and be consistent. Always seek guidance from your lecturers on what you do not understand. Keep trying even when you fail, so that you are aware of what to do and what not to do. Do not compare yourself with everyone. We all have talents and we cannot be talented in the same field.

You are your own competition. Always strive to become a better version of yourself because anything is possible!

This article was written by Annete Karanja.