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Graduate Spotlight: Felix Ogundha – Bachelor of Science in Telecommunications


Felix  Ogundha grew up in Wajir, Northern Kenya and has been pursuing the Bachelor of Science in Telecommunications degree at Strathmore University. A #Classof2020 graduate, he lets us in on his #StrathmoreExperience having recently joined our Alumni community.

The journey

My interest in Information Technology (IT) was sparked while working at my uncle’s start-up in Hola – Tana River County, right after high school. I wasn’t as tech savvy so I had to learn most of the tech lingua and experience through the many IT tasks in the office. This only grew my passion as I faced new challenges every day. I was intent on pursuing a skill-set that would make me better at what I was doing.

So when a friend asked me to accompany him for an interview at Strathmore University, I was more than elated because I knew that I’d at least have the chance to go through the array of IT courses they had on offer. The serene University atmosphere and well-equipped ultra-modern classes were all it took for me to make up my mind. I was especially amazed by the dress code which I found quite adorable. It added a touch of professionalism to the institution. After intensive research and consultations with my mentors, I decided to take the Bachelor of Science in Telecommunications.

I would term my next four years at the University as mellow. I participated in many Elimisha stratizen events which I grew quite fond of. I found it noble since it helped raise tuition fees for our fellow students who were not in a position to pay. I also participated in the University work study programme, where I worked part time as a computer lab assistant. It was a great experience and a valuable chance to put my skills into practice, serving others while at it. I strongly believe it went a long way in nurturing both my professional and personal development.

A missed CAT

I deliberately missed a continuous assessment test (CAT) because I was not well prepared, hoping to request for a makeup assessment. When I approached the lecturer after the CAT, he laughed and told me plainly, “Felix I will not give you a makeup CAT whether you have a good or a bad reason. Now tell me your reason and prepare for CAT 2…”. I had to work extra hard in the unit to compensate for the missing marks. I never missed a CAT again.

What does the future hold?

I am planning to undertake post-graduate internships to gain industry experience. I believe I have what it takes and I can’t wait to make my mark out there too. I got a good foundation in Telecommunications, and Strathmore did a great job blending existing technologies and emerging ones in the course curriculum which made it easy for us to adapt to the world of work. I did not just go through coursework, I got professional training and was moulded into a person of integrity who can impact society positively.

A Strathmore education will always be relevant in the modern world and in the future. ‘Aspiring’ students should consult people who are working within the different fields they are eyeing.  That way, they would get insights on what to expect and what their career would entail.

You do not need to gamble on Strathmore though, they deliver!


This article was written by Francis Kabutu.


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