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Graduate Spotlight: Caroline Ngei – I would not trade my Strathmore experience

Part of the Chorale, Karate club, Presidential Awards club, and the Strathmore Business Club, Caroline Ngei will be graduating with first class honours and a double major in accounting and finance. Caroline undertook three courses at Strathmore: Certified Public Accountants (CPA), Certificate in Computer Applications and a Bachelor of Commerce degree. Caroline shares with us her Strathmore experience.

Tell us a little about yourself?

I’m the firstborn in a family of three siblings. I can describe myself us a melancholic; an analytical person who is keen to detail. I love learning and meeting new people. I am passionate about nature, music, and family. I have always wanted to be a pilot and it is something I’m looking to pursuing in the future. I majored in Accounting and Finance in the Bachelor of Commerce degree.

Where were you before you joined Strathmore?

I was at Moi girls Nairobi for my high school studies. My high school experience was an exciting one, I won the Personality Award which is usually given to an all-round student. I got an A- in my Kenya Secondary School Examinations (KCSE).

How did you join Strathmore University?

Upon finishing high school I was not sure what I wanted to pursue and what university I wanted to go to. My father, an accountant by profession, suggested that I do a six months course – CPA – as I decide what I want to study for my undergraduate. I enjoyed the professional course and immediately knew that this was something that I wanted to do. I joined the Bachelor of Commerce exempt in 2017 September as part of the evening classes.

What did it take to attain high grades?

I acknowledge God who played a big part in my life. My parents were there for me and I can recall my father saying, “Caroline, I’ve been there. You can’t afford to give up”. This pushed me to work harder and make my parents proud. My friends also played a big part, we pushed each other into working hard.

How was your Strathmore experience?

I would not trade it for anything else; it’s a season in my life that I will always cherish. I got to meet new people and learn how to interact with people. Being part of the evening class allowed me to interact with people from different professions where I made lifetime friends.

Were you part of any extra-curricular activities?

I was part of the Strathmore Chorale, Karate club, Strathmore Business Club and I was the Vice Chair of the Presidential Awards Club. I loved the annual sports days. I always attended every sports day during my time in Strathmore. I especially enjoyed last year’s when I participated in a soccer match.

What was your most memorable moment in Strathmore?

The class sessions stood out for me. We would get to interact and people would contribute various ideas that would help expand your knowledge and learn from each other. This was a special experience for me.

What motivates you?

The feeling of accomplishment and knowing that I have achieved something and done it to the best of my abilities.

What do you do during your free time?

I love reading books and spending time with family and friends.


This article was written by Tuzo Jonathan.

If you have a story, kindly email: communications@strathmore.edu