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Graduate Spotlight: Bonface Mufwolobo – Keeping up with trends in hospitality


Have you ever seen the DSTV advert that shows a chef that cannot get enough of la liga? That’s me; cooking and soccer are my gateways out of the everyday hustles of life. Cristiano Ronaldo is my favorite player, though he is in Manchester United now. I choose to stay true to my roots by keeping it blue – Chelsea. I grew up in Shiseso in Kakamega. Here they call me Mmuka Mufwolobo.

Tell us more about your life in Shiseso?

It never runs old and the memories of my childhood linger like the aroma of brewing coffee. Growing up, I used to go fishing with the other village boys in my neighborhood. Walking barefoot by the shore and tossing stones was such joy. In the evening my grandparents told stories as we sat by the three-stone fireside to catch up on our day’s activities. In between the conversations, I would act and sing, and yes! Sing while I munched on what we had caught or what granny had prepared.  I don’t know about you, but my granny’s food is one I would invite you to experience.

Why did you choose to pursue a bachelor’s degree in hospitality management?

I appreciate being around people. Though I’m an introvert it is amazing to see how humanity responds to acts of service. Hospitality is one of those areas of study where you get to put your best foot forward for others without expecting anything in return. A smile from a client is worth a whole day’s work and a whispered thank you from a child gives you a reason to do it all over again.

What are you doing to upskill your acquired knowledge?

I have been self-learning about digital marketing. It is amazing how the world of hospitality is changing especially with the impacts of Covid-19. Another skill I am picking up is carpentry and joinery. I am not sure whether this is upskilling but I enjoy creating something from scratch, that I can assemble different pieces of wood to create bespoke furniture.  It is the same perspective with food – you experiment with it to make outstanding munches.

What is your ultimate goal moving forward?

Acquiring a position in a kitchen that will challenge my culinary skills while exposing me to the array of cuisines from around the world. I look forward to a moment I will become a Michelin star chef and be Kenya’s top chef.

Any final remarks?

I would encourage all students to make most of their time while on campus. Get involved in sports and clubs it’s a good way of meeting other friends. When it comes to academia set your targets; they become your greatest motivator to achieving what you desire. Finally, do not procrastinate on assignments; they have a way of pilling up when left unattended. Over and above that always ask for help from the right people, it’s amazing how their perspective shatters the rocks that weigh us down. To Mr. Phillip Okombo, my mentor, and to Dr. David Chiawo, Dr. Lucy Gikonyo and Mr. Warutere and Mr. Raymond Mutura: I had a journey to transverse but you all ensured I got all I needed through it all. Nasema  Asanteni sana!


This article was written by Annete Karanja.      


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