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Graduate Profile: Sharon Osembo – BA in Development Studies and Philosophy


Unpacking the perk in your emails – What are you missing?

Do you junk or spam your Strathmore Communication emails or altogether never bother to open and see what they entail?  My Stratizen journey has taught me differently. I learnt to open all my emails and at the very least scan through them. These helped me become more informed on what’s happening in the University. Most recently I got a perk I did not expect. I responded to an invitation; it will be one of the memorable experiences of my campus life. My name is Sharon Osembo, a soon-to-be alumna of the Bachelor of Arts in Development & Philosophy. I am the youngest daughter of an educator, and military person.

Unpacking the perk in your email.

Recently, I finished a 3-month workshop “Climate Diplomacy Academy”. The Workshop was organized by Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS), Adelphi and Strathmore University under the leadership of Prof. Izael Da Silva – Deputy Vice Chancellor, Research and Innovation. During the workshop, we addressed all matters of climate.  As a result, I have a deeper understanding of why COP 26 is a vital initiative in saving our home – mother earth. Over and above that I got a chance to meet students from other universities around Africa that include Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Congo, and Tanzania among others.  During one of the United Nations mock summits, I role played the Prime Minister of India – Narendra Modi. Did you know that India is the wettest inhabited place on Earth?

An expatriate experience.

The workshop sessions were online via zoom from August to October. I must admit the training was intense but worth every ounce. The peak was the last three days of the physical workshop – October 26th – Oct 29th, 2021 – meet all the participants. We were also privileged to enjoy perks that included meals at Trademark Hotel at the Village Market, and boarding at the Windsor hotel. All the foreign students had their air tickets paid in full and for the rest of us, we were reimbursed the monies we spent on transport. Hmmm! Is this how diplomats roll? It was an experience of a lifetime. More than anything I can also say I have expanded my networks and diversified my worldview.

Growing up in the Military Base

My dad is in the military and my mom is a retired teacher. I bet you can already imagine what it is like to have a parent in uniform and another that gets to be your teacher. More than anything I appreciate their vocations as they have taught me to intentionally choose to be at my best wherever I am placed in life and to always find a way to give back to society. Living at the military base has been an experience.  Any facility you need is within the premises be it shops, a hospital, a school – we had it all. We even had a Bata shop! Talk about convenience at your doorstep. The downside was we had no reason to leave the base. I remember when I was younger, every child below the age of 16 could not leave the premises without an adult.

What is the one thing you wish you pursued while at Strathmore?

More than anything I wish I stayed active in the Strathmore Chorale. I auditioned in my second year but never paid much attention to it thereafter. With that said my love for music is still intact. I believe that where words fail, music speaks.

Remember the words of Yrsa Daley-Ward – anything less than your best is too much to pay and anything later than now is too little too late. Nothing will change without you. As a Stratizen I learnt to get out of my comfort zone by allowing myself to experience the opportunity the University offered. Could these opportunities be lying behind the emails you have spammed or never get to open?


This article was written by Annete Karanja. 


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