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Graduand Spotlight: Twins Rosemary and Janet – ‘We Win Together’

Identical twins, Rosemary Wambui Muturi and Janet Waithera Muturi are proud graduands from the Bachelor of Commerce-Finance class. Graduating with a 2nd class Upper Division, the duo owe their success to hard work, competition between themselves, and the Strathmore University community for supporting them and mentoring them throughout their four year tenure. The pair have been members of the Community Service Centre (CSC) since their first year at Strathmore, and to them this is a club that has shaped them, changing their perception of the society.


It can be quiet hard if not nearly impossible to tell who is who at first glance, unless you hear them talk; their voices set them apart. They have identical dress code that includes; same hairstyles, same earrings, same type of shoes and color etc. and they are always finishing each other’s sentences. Since birth, they have been inseparable, attending the same schools right from kindergarten to university; although they had to be in separate classes in high school, they still had their school meals together and spent their free time out of class together.


Rosemary and Janet are the last borns in a family of four children with two elder sisters. Full of care-free spirits and yet very respectful, the duo owe it to their parents who saw to it that they grew up learning good ethics and practices. The two also look up to their parents who encourage them to always do their best.


They are very competitive when it comes to academics; what they term as healthy competition.  If one beats the other, it will be with a minimal difference and will instill new reasons to work harder for next time. One thing they are proud of, despite the competition, is the willingness to help each other to maintain staying at the top. “We win together,” they say. This attribute has seen them perform exemplary well in their academics and even their extra-curricular activities.


They attended St. Georges High School in Nairobi, where they attained a mean grade of B in their KCSE examinations.

Their Strathmore Tenure…

Strathmore has been more than just an academic learning ground for them; they laugh and giggle as they recall various experiences they encountered at school. They both chuckle as they explain their experience with the Fashion Cops as they tried to evade them in their first semester. “It was not easy to adapt to the official dress code of the school,” they exclaimed, “but eventually we adjusted”.


Their greatest experience though, is derived from their involvement at CSC where they were members since 2011. What drew them to the club was the motivation and enthusiasm to help the needy and less fortunate in the society. Their involvement enhanced their character of giving, caring, understanding and accepting others.


For these two, Strathmore University was the right choice, as it promotes diversity, ethics and discipline.

Plans for the next 5-10 years

Their love for community service does not end with finishing studies at Strathmore. They plan on continuing to give to the society wherever they go.


They also hope to get good job placements in the field of finance and accounting, which they are both very passionate about.

On being separated…

The pair are skeptical about being separated, although they are coming to terms with the fact that it is inevitable. They are slowly accepting the fact that they will work at different organizations and also get married and live separate lives. But for now, they will continue to cherish their time together, believing the fact that however things work out they will adapt to the changes.


We wish Rosemary and Janet all the best in their endeavors.