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Graduand Spotlight; Top Bachelor of Informatics and Computer Science Student Vincent Mukiiri

Kwetulet; Property Management System was the title to Vincent Bundi Mukiiri’s end of 4th year project – a web system developed to bring together landlords and tenants. The system allows landlords to manage property, collect rent, view transactions – streamlining the whole property management structure, while tenants get to access transactions carried out with their landlords, receive and provide necessary information or notification e.g. moving out or eviction notices etc.

The property management system project stemmed from a need Vincent experienced, from managing his father’s property, where he struggled to handle most especially financial transactions due to his lack of sufficient knowledge in that field.

Vincent, will be graduating with a 1st class honours in a Bachelor of Informatics and Computer Science degree, from the Faculty of Information Technology. Ever since childhood, Vincent aspired to study a science related course borrowing from his experience with computers from when he was 5 years of age. As he researched on which course to study for his degree, he was torn between electrical engineering and computer science, but chose to go the computer way.

Vincent is grateful to be part of Strathmore’s BIF class as he is among the 3rd cohort of students graduating with in this course. Academically, Vincent appreciated the diverse options that came with the course, especially where he learnt Law and Philosophy as part of his units. The support system acquired at Strathmore from faculty and staff, the availability of Wi-Fi, and the fact that lecturers attend class from day one of the start of a new semester, are some of the small factors he is thankful to the university for.

While studying, Vincent was involved in Tatu Creatives startup that was incubated at @iBizAfrica. He worked on developing softwares and graphic designs for the startup for roughly two years. He also worked with @iLabAfrica Research Centre to develop a specific website for the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Kenya (ICPAK). Balancing his studies with these activities was not easy, as at some point, Vincent was involved in three projects inclusive of studying. He learnt the art of managing time, prioritizing, balancing and persevering through all three projects. He learnt the importance of balancing every aspect of his life in a forceful way.

Vincent will graduate top of his class, an achievement he has enjoyed all through his university life. He is motivated to work hard from his longing to provide creative arts that will be appreciated by individuals. The support from family, friends and the university was key in encouraging him to keep forging ahead.

22 year old Vincent, who describes himself as a reserved individual who is pretty interesting once you get to know him, wishes to be a part of the cutting-edge personalities in the society today. He enjoys studying mathematics and playing around with computers.

In his next 5-10 years, Vincent hopes to be a Masters graduate who is either working or pursuing a PhD.

When he is not working on his computer, Vincent enjoys producing music and cannot wait to produce more songs now that he has some spare time as he decides on what next for his life.


Congratulations to Vincent for his great success!!!