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Graduand Spotlight; Technology Enthusiast Salome Wanjiku

Very passionate about making her family proud, Bachelor of Science Telecommunications student Salome Wanjiku Waweru, graduating with a 2nd Upper Class, is excited about technology and hopes to be one of the very best ladies in this field.  


The 1st born in a family of 3 siblings, desired to be like her father and when her highschool grades did not allow, she worked hard at ensuring she will be the best in what she will do. Her passion for being the best, has since allowed her to score better grades while at Strathmore, coupled with all activities she was involved with.


Why Telecommunications?

In form 3, I decided I want to do this course because I realized it’s one of the next big things, and is something new. I also actually wanted to go to a different university that offered the course but I did not make the entry requirements, so I ended up in Strathmore.


I am an exempt student; I first studied a Diploma in Business Information Technology (DBIT), before joining Telecommunications in my 2nd year here at Strathmore.


Why Technology?

I am very interested with phones and computers; how phonecalls come through, the phone settings, computer operations etc. I think I was just interested in that technology world from a young age. It’s intriguing.


Which Highschool did you attend?

I went to Mahiga girls in Othaya County where I got a mean grade of B- in my KCSE national examination. It was not the grade I was expecting.


I felt I let down people and myself with that grade, this I believe is a major motivating factor to why I did well at Strathmore. I feel people look up to me a lot, especially because I am a first born.


How was your Strathmore Experience?

At first I felt the university was nagging, I couldn’t skip classes, too many rules etc. I wanted to go to a public campus where I would miss classes or do what I please without pressure.


However, with time I actually came to realize the university is a very good place to be in. I really like Strathmore. I have been molded into a responsible lady. I don’t think I would be here if it was not for Strathmore. My behavior and interests have been molded since joining the school.


What Activities were you involved in while at School?

I was the Assistant Treasurer for the Strathmore University IT Student Association (SUITSA) in my 2nd year.

Then in my 3rd year, I became the organizing secretary in Drama Society Club (Dramsoc). I felt I was able to fit in well in this club because of my extrovert personality. My best play that I acted, was the Devil’s Disciple, although I acted a minor role.


And finally I was an active member of the Community Outreach Program (COP) under Strathmore’s Community Service Centre (CSC)


What pushed you to work hard?

I feel the marks I got in highschool pushed me to work very hard in university.


But to add on to that, my friend Faith, who was also an exempt student pushed me to work hard. She would encourage me to study, we would go to see lecturers together and tackle the course together.


Being a first born also pushes me to work hard. As I said earlier, people in my family look up to me.

Lastly, I feel I need to play a big role in life and be responsible. Therefore I needed to work hard to be that somebody.


What area will you specialize in?

In telecommunications one can major in networking, signaling, and/or project management. I want to go into networking because I love this area, but I am comfortable with any major.


What plans do you have for your next 5-10 years?

I would love to get a job in a local or international telecommunications company, to gain the basic skills.

Then, together with my friend Faith, we are looking into empowering women to join the IT world, through motivation groups. We have an idea, where Faith is looking into empowering Turkana girls, and through that I can mentor some girls to join IT.


Lastly I would love to start growing hay, in Naivasha County where I come from. I feel that not many people are involved with this kind of farming.


What would you advice potential IT students especially ladies?

IT is very broad, therefore, students need to be very aware of which area they want to get into. Do your research before starting the course to ease your time in school.


Strathmore will be a great place to study IT, as I find students are nurtured into entrepreneurship which is great. Strathmore encourages students to be their own employers.


And to all students; to be at the top you need to be an all-rounded student, but in the same breathe with lots of self-discipline.


What worked for you?

I utilized my weekdays. I would study a lot during the week so that I have the weekend for extracurricular activities and socializing. I also tried to focus as much as I could in class so that while revising it is easier to understand what am learning.



Congratulations Salome for your great success.