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Graduand Spotlight: Swabra Mutwafy- I Enjoy Challenging Myself and Obtaining Positive Results

Top Faculty of Information Technology’s student Swabra Mutwafy, is not a stranger to being top in her studies. Graduating with a first class honours from her Bachelor of Informatics course, the first born in a family of three children, has shown tremendous success throughout her life.

Because of her creative mind, Swabra enjoys studying informatics specializing in programming. She also uses her artistic creative side to create business in designing cards, under the business name Swatach Graphics.     


Before starting the undergraduate course, Swabra studied a Diploma in Business and Information Technology (DBIT) which she sailed through with a distinction.

She also attended evening classes to pursue accounting specifically ACCA, and has also completed this and is awaiting final results.  

Why all these courses?

After completing my high school in 2010 from Precious Blood Riruta where I attained a mean grade of A in the KCSE national examination, I opted to study a diploma immediately after. This diploma in DBIT was the driving force behind my studying Informatics. The introduction to programming in DBIT was facsinating and consequently this made me take a course related to that.


Then, with my background in business, and all the spare time I had after finishing DBIT, I thought that a professional course in ACCA will do no harm, I therefore went ahead and studied ACCAs.

What was exciting about Informatics ?

Programming involves a new way of creating things. It is very intriguing especially when you think of something, try it out and it works. The logic behind it made me love informatics from the word go.

How was your Strathmore experience?

It was a remarkable experience. I have been here for five years. I think most of my growth has taken place at Strathmore. The FIT faculty has been very supportive more specifically through the open door policy. They have been helpful in terms of being my referees and applying to universities after Strathmore. I actually got an internship through a lecturer’s connection that goes to show how useful these linkages can be.

Were you involved in any extracurricular activity?

Because I am an indoor game person, I enjoyed being a member of the chess club for a bit of time where I once competed in a tournament.


I also enjoyed playing scrabble which I have competed in a number of competitions. This year when Strathmore had the annual sports and clubs gala awards, I scooped a prize for scrabble as the Scrabble Most Valuable player.

How did you balance these activities with studying and still remain at the top?

I managed my time by maximizing my free time between classes through going to the library to read ahead.

On most Saturdays, I would also come to school the whole day to read.


Aside from individual study, group works were a great success for me too. They helped me catch up on areas I needed to understand.

What motivates you?

My twin sister likes seeking knowledge for the sake of knowledge, education is very key in her life. This inspires me to learn as well.


Also, I am a bit aggressive as an individual. I like the feeling of challenging myself and seeing a positive result at the end of the day.

Do you have a role model?

My dad is my role model. He is very hardworking and generous and does not want pay in return. He has been very supportive in my life.  I also look up to my mum who made sure I am comfortable when I come home after school.

Are you doing anything at the moment?

I am currently working on Swatach business as I prepare to start a 3- month internship at a Telcos.

Any plans for the next 5 years?

I am planning to study a Masters in Information Systems abroad at Warwick University which I will link my business knowledge to Information technology that will be helpful in future.


I would also like to work in a multinational organization abroad. Then come back home and start a consulting business.