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Graduate spotlight: Shirley Cynthia Mujera – Strathmore was the best option

Shirley Cynthia Mujera, female academic representative in the 9th Student Council, will be graduating with a Bachelor of Business Science in Financial Engineering (first-class honours) degree.

From the onset, Shirley Cynthia Mujera was determined to turn her studies into a success story. Her first-class honors degree was primarily founded on her long standing character of being a hardworking person. She will be graduating with a Bachelor of Business Science in Financial Engineering degree. She also pursues Certified Public Accountant (CPA) at Strathmore University. She narrates her four-year journey at Strathmore that included a leadership role in the 9th Student Council.

Tell us a bit about your family background.

I am a first born in a family of three; my sister is a third year student at Strathmore pursuing a Bachelor of Informatics and Computer Science degree while my younger brother is class seven. My mother is a doctor by profession and my father is a software engineer. I attended Limuru High School where I attained a B+ in the KCSE exam.

What did it take to attain high grades throughout the four years?

I was disappointed with my KCSE grade but when I joined Strathmore, I was determined to put in more effort in academics. I always challenged myself to understand a concept to a point that I am able to explain it to someone else. This really paid off.

Why did you join Strathmore?

I heard of Strathmore for the first time when we took part in a mathematics contest organized by Strathmore while I was still in high school. I then chose to study here because Strathmore has values, such as integrity, that I highly believe in. I also watched a short video on YouTube about Strathmore students and I was impressed at how fluent the students were.

What was your experience in being part of the 9th Student Council?

I was the female academic representative in the student council. My role was to coordinate with the deans and lecturers in Strathmore and provide solutions whenever the students had complaints. The experience was challenging from the beginning; especially when we were campaigning to be voted in for by the students. I was happy when I was voted in; the docket helped me learn to strike a balance between classwork and leadership.

Were you involved in other extra-curricular activities?

Yes. I was a member of the Strathmore University Finance and Financial Economics Students’ Association (SUFFESA), a student-run initiative focusing on enhancing the student experience in Finance and Economics. I helped bring in mentors from the finance industry who would talk to us about what to expect in the field after Strathmore. I also participated in athletics and swimming during the annual Sports Day.

What advice would you give to those still undertaking their course work?

It is important that they should work hard and give their best in everything that they do. Strathmore offers several opportunities that students should maximize on. Strathmore has created a name for itself; this gives the students an edge in the professional world; take advantage of this but prove you deserve to be associated with the University.

How has your Strathmore been?

My experience has been a steep learning curve not only from my interactions with students and people from different backgrounds but also the from the inspirational lecturers who have done spectacular things that really encourage one to make the most out of their stay at Strathmore.

What has Strathmore taught you?

Respect for other people is essential in creating and maintaining relationships. Integrity is also a value that tells people the kind of person you are. We were taught ethics in class; one may fail to understand why this course is necessary but as time flies, one gets to understand that it is a cornerstone not only in academics but also in the job places.

I have also become more emotionally intelligent mainly because of my closeness with my mentor. Over the years, I have learnt how to handle various emotions and situations in a more intelligent way. I have learnt to value people more, make tie for them and listen to them.

What are your future plans after graduation?

Besides sitting for the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) exams, I intend to pursue a master’s degree next year and a PhD thereafter.

What was your project about?

I based my research on the pension process in Kenya so as to evaluate if the returns gained from the pension are sufficient for retirement. I chose this topic because one of my grandparents’ friend was ill and it was so unfortunate that the returns from the pension were not enough to cater for the bills yet the person had worked for fifty years.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Besides swimming, I enjoy doing nature walks, spending time with friends and families as well as reading fictional and motivational books.


The article was written by Odhiambo Obonyo


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