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Graduand Spotlight: Reuben Muhindi – Living a Life of Distinction

Reuben Muhindi Wambui understands just too well that there is no success without hardships. He is graduating best in his class from the School of Finance and Applied Economics (SFAE) with a Bachelor of Business Science in Financial Economics (BBS-FE), first class honors. Voted as the best male student by the graduating class 2015 and being an outstanding leader for SUFFESA (Strathmore University Finance and Financial Economics Students’ Association) club, Reuben relates these great reward to his endurance and faith in God.


This year, Reuben co-published an article in the African Policy Journal of Harvard University, in conjunction with Strathmore Law School Dean Dr. Luis Franceschi and alumni Shillah Memusi, and has every intention to keep writing more papers.


Family background

I come from a family of four siblings; my elder brother and my two cousins whom my mother adopted and raised them with us, are part of my family and I consider them my brothers. That makes me the third born.


We reside in Kiambu where I was born and raised.

Education background

I attended Nyeri High School where I attained a mean of A- in my 2009 K.C.S.E national examination. Right after high school I joined a Bible college run by my church, Word of Faith Bible College Kiambu, where they teach fundamental aspects of Christianity. I enrolled for the programme for the purpose of spiritual nourishment.

Tenure at Strathmore

My Strathmore journey began when the university’s marketing team visited our school in my fourth year explaining to us all the courses offered. I felt I would best be suited in the BBS-FE. I enrolled for the programme in 2011, although I had issues in raising the school fees.


As I begun the course, I was privileged to be among the chosen beneficiaries for the 35% scholarship the school of Finance was offering. This gave me a bit of hope as my family and I held two fundraisers to raise money for the remaining 65% of the school fees. The money was enough to cater for my first and second semester. I did not know where the rest of my school fees for the remaining three years would come from, therefore as I attended my community based attachment, after first year, I contemplated going back to Strathmore because I couldn’t afford. I considered all scholarship avenues but nothing was coming through. Finally when I was almost giving up, I received a 65% offer by Shah Ranmal Raja Charitable Trust, one of Strathmore’s trusts fund. Combining the 65% and the 35% scholarship meant all my school fees was now covered for the whole course.


I was so delighted, I purposed to give my academics the best of me, and this I did gladly. At the same time I was also inspired to volunteer at the University’s Fundraising department in 2012 under Anthony Karuiru, in order to help any student going through what I did.


In 2013/2014 I was the chairperson for SUFFESA. I love leadership and service, I view it as an opportunity to serve people. Being in SUFFESA horned my leadership skills greatly. For that one year I was able to endorse a lot of activities including; achieving partnership with Standard Chartered Bank and ACCA Kenya in providing financial literacy to the students, hosting guests to give talks e.g. Eric Kimani and former MD Sameer Group.  I also initiated partnership talks with Umati Capital, a finance firm, and AISES Young – a European network of young thinkers, although that later materialized under the tenure of Tito, my successor.


I am a child of God thus endorsed with so much grace to do so much more and whether you know it or not there is always someone out there looking up to you; give that person a reason to keep moving forward.


My mother is also my motivator, she advises me not to worry about what others say but to do what I need to do at all times.

Outside of Strathmore…

In 2010 I founded a community based organization, in Kiambu for siblings with persons with disability. This was inspired by my mothers’ involvement with disability awareness, stemmed from my elder brother’s disability. The organization caters for people who have disabled siblings; most people have difficulty articulating what their siblings are going through while others are stigmatized by the community. The organization creates a forum where issues faced can be shared and discussed, boosting people’s esteem and hope so that they do not feel alone in this journey. I was the chairperson in 2010/2011 but when my study load increased in school work I had to let someone else take over. The organization is not as active now as it previously was, but I hope to revive it someday now that I am done with school.


I am also currently involved in the Kiambu County Youth Development Association, which comprises of entrepreneurs. We recently carried a road safety training for bodaboda operators in Kiambu.


Balancing studies with other activities

I believe balancing boils down to prioritizing events; deciding which activity takes precedence over all the rest. I learnt this when I realized that when one is busy, the easier they manage their time as they are aware of the workload awaiting them.


With all the activities I had, I still managed to maintain being at the top and appearing in the dean’s list. I was also voted the Best Male Student by my class something I am happy and grateful about.

I co-founded The Dialogue-Series with Daniel Kuria -a former classmate. The series involves young professionals and students’ meeting to discuss key societal and global issues and trying to find sustainable solutions for the issues. We have about 20 members currently. This is a great achievement.

Future plans

I want to work in the public sector governance and in academia, and in the next 5 years I should be finishing my PhD in economics or a subject close to that.


By my year 10, I hope to be lecturing, having written books in my field and motivational books. I also believe I will be a family man.


We wish Reuben the best in his future endeavors.


Watch Reuben’s story below…