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Graduand Spotlight; Raphael Ng’etich’s Tremendous Success – Outstanding Law School Journey

22 year old Raphael Kipkoech Ng’etich has attained tremendous success in his law school journey, through research, writing papers, staying at the top of his class, and now working as a Graduate Assistant at the Strathmore Law School.

The 2nd born in a family of 7 children will graduate with 1st class honours in the upcoming graduation ceremony.

Raphael is no stranger to being at the top. After his highschool period at Mother of Apostles Seminary, in Eldoret, Raphael scored a mean grade of A- in his KCSE national examination, and further to that, managed to secure 2 scholarships at Strathmore University.

In 2011 while in highschool, Raphael was among 3 students who managed to secure scholarship options after Strathmore conducted interviews where the top students were offered scholarships to study a course of their choice at the university. Raphael opted to study CPAs, while awaiting to join a public university to undertake law. It was during this CPA period that the Law program began at Strathmore and scholarships were being given to top students to study the course. Raphael once again managed to secure another merit scholarship, awarding him an 83% scholarship.

How was your Strathmore Experience?

The study period was great. There was a good relation between the faculty and students which helped us a lot.


We had great opportunities to consult with the faculty. Through this option, I got the opportunity to co-author some papers with the lecturers, even a book, and consequently work as a graduate assistant.

Who did you Co-Author with?

Together with, Mr. Francis Kariuki and a Graduate Assistant who is currently away in the US for his masters, we co-authored a book on the Law of Property in Kenya, which is expected to be published in July this year. The book will serve as a great text book to build up material for law students.


I also worked on a paper on Land Grabbing in Kenya, looking at the current manifestations and the implications on tenure security and livelihood.


I also worked on a Terrorism Conference Paper, stemming from our 2nd annual law conference last year. I looked at the role of individuals and institutions in countering terrorism.

Why are you interested in writing?

My passion is in teaching, hence my desire to help in research and being involved with the law school faculty, contributing towards my lecturing dreams.

How did you get the Graduate Assistant Position?

In our final year, our Dean Dr. Luis Franceschi, informed us on their desire to pick a number of students to join the Graduate Assistant positions being offered. This opportunity was targeting mostly students keen on getting into lecturing. This would enable the chosen students to learn more on being lecturers and see if this is the path they would still want to take up.


I managed to apply and I was successful.


My role involves working as a researcher, performing administrative duties and helping with teaching.

Apart from Researching what else were you involved with?

 I helped to form the Strathmore Student Litigation club. The main role of the club is to offer litigation, by partnering with Law firms and NGOs, to offer free litigations which will enable people who cannot afford legal fees to access and defend their rights pro bono.


This was a great club because apart from offering pro bono services, we managed to sensitize the judiciary, through training judges on different issues people are facing e.g. sensitizing judges on the rights of the women following the trend on gender biasness against women. This was helpful in adding to informed decisions judges need to make while giving sentences in court, especially concerning women or the marginalized groups of individuals.

What motivates you to do well?

My humble background has been a great source of motivation.  


My mother has also worked hard, and sacrificed a lot to get us this far in life, and that has worked as a great source of motivation for me to do well and take us further up.

Why did you decide to study Law?

From when I was young I had a keen interest in watching and learning how lawyers operate, which served as my encouragement to get into law. I realized that through law, I can make an impact in the society,

contributing to fighting injustices and social inequalities that people suffer from at the moment. This will mostly help people in marginalized areas access services.

What plans do you have for your next 5-10 years?

God willing, I hope to enroll for my post graduate Diploma, then my Masters.


After that, I hope to get into professional teaching at the Law School.


I am keen on specializing in the intellectual property field.

What do you do in your spare time?

I play basketball and I am currently learning how to swim.



Congratulations Raphael on your great successes!