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Graduand Spotlight; Nantale – set to travel to Atlanta for the Kectil Conference

Delightful, ambitious, strong and a risk-taker; these are some of the traits that easily describe the beautiful Nantale Sarah Sanyu, Ugandan native, with the zeal to break the odds in her society.

Nantale, is set to travel to Atlanta Georgia in the US, for the Kectil program conference; in an effort to learn how to provide positive change to her peers and generation.

The last born in a family of five children, is set to graduate with a 1st class honours in the upcoming 2017 graduation.

How would you describe yourself?

In professional terms I would say that I am a 4th year student, at Strathmore University, pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce (BCOM): Finance major. Outside of that, I am a people’s person, who enjoys meeting new people and travelling.

What is your background?

I attended Gayaza highschool in Kampala, Uganda, where I undertook my O and A’ levels before I joined Strathmore.

In Uganda I live with my mum and my amazing four siblings.

How did you find out about Strathmore?

There was a high school alumnus who studied at Strathmore, and he advised me to join Strathmore, if I want a good business education in a country near home.

My experience has been great at Strathmore. I have received so many opportunities. I have grown in a way that I think I have figured out where I want to be and who I want to become.

Why did you decide on finance?

I chose BCOM when I was young, I did not know what I wanted to specialize in. I wanted something related to economics but I also wanted mathematics. I needed time to decide. Studying BCOM gave me that time, because I had the opportunity to study a bit of the many fields; finance, marketing, management, HR, etc. I picked Finance.

I enjoyed my finance units – give me numbers and you have won my heart. I enjoyed finance markets. I am now investing.

What is Kectil Program about?

Kectil program is a web-based mentoring session created by Ms. Cheryl Knowles, who realized the great potential in 3rd world countries, with little opportunities to utilize these potential. So she started a program and opened up applications globally, to access mentorship in their projects. The network forums train us on empowerment, moral leadership, personal branding etc.

The Kectil Program was created to identify and nurture highly talented youth, between ages 17-26 years, in developing countries, who have the potential to make a positive difference in their communities and countries.

Why were you chosen for the program?

I did not complete my application to the program, because I did not meet the deadline. However, since I had put out information while setting up my profile during the application process, they saw some initiatives I have done/been doing that caused them to select me.

The program is already ongoing, it started in January and will end in December. We however, have a chance to attend a conference in Atlanta, Georgia, in July which is fully funded by the program.

What project are you doing that made you stand out?

I believe I am a leader, because in so many aspects I have been at the forefront in different projects.

One major project I do, is the Acne Program, which was initiated to encourage my peers suffering from acne that they are still beautiful and have a lot of strengths they can focus on. I created a platform on Instagram where I share stories of people suffering from acne who are thriving in something else that takes away the focus from their flaws. I share these stories on 8th of each month, the date is special because this is the day my father passed away, and for a while I hated that day, so this project gives that day new life. People are smart, funny, talented, and do not need to focus on the one tiny thing that seems to be big. I had acne before, and I had tried so many products that did not help. I learnt to deal with it, I believe many other people should too and can do it.

You are known to be an outstanding student, why?

I am proud to say that I am an A student, I think I am graduating with an average of 73%. I would not say I slept through this journey, I worked hard for it. I had very good group members; we pushed each other to succeed. I also asked myself what my motive was in future, if I did not want to come out of Strathmore with just an A, then I had to involve myself with things around me that will support my desires.

I think the activities outside of books have helped me in this journey and maybe that is why they say I am outstanding. I have been involved with the community outreach program, giving back to the society at Kwetu Home of Peace, I interned in Cairo, I volunteered to escort Strathmore admissions team to Uganda, etc. I believe the networking goes a long way.

What motivates you?

I set goals every year and every five years, according to what I want to do and where I want to go. Matthew McConaughey, a renowned male actor, was once asked about who he looks up to, he answered that there are many people who do great things out there and that is their story. He therefore sets goals to be the change he wants to see in the next five years; looking up to himself. I borrowed from this attitude, hence why I developed a goal system. Inspiration comes from within, I can push myself to be the best I can be.

What do you do in your spare time when you’re not reading?

I enjoy talking to new people. I am the kind of person who will join someone sitting alone at a table in the cafeteria and begin a conversation. You get to learn so much from people, sometimes more than you would from a book.

Congratulations Nantale on your great success.