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Graduand Spotlight; Luide Kakembo- on Excellence Academically and in Sports

Ugandan nationality Luide Mulumba Kakembo is proud of his path of excellence that streams from his desire to be better than he was the previous day. The 24 year old 6’5 tall gentleman has had his way in the good academic books, with his performance getting a year in year out recognition in the Dean’s list for best Performing students studying Bachelor of Telecommunications(BTC). This triumph was not deterred by his participation with Strathmore University’s men basketball team (blades), where he played centre.

Family Background

Luide is the second born in a family of 3boys and one girl. His family lived in Nairobi for a better part of his early age, before moving back to Uganda where Luide attended highschool. His father is Ugandan and his mother Kenyan, an aspect he proudly feels has exposed him to two of his best worlds.

Education Background

Luide’s education life is filled with outstanding remarkable grades; he studied at Consolata Shrine Primary School in Nairobi and Aga Khan Academy Uganda for his highschool. In his form four, Luide scored 17points out of his best 8 subjects, and attained principle passes in all his four subjects in his form six level.


Although he was not sure of which course to study, Luide travelled back to Nairobi after highschool to join the Strathmore University basketball team in a bid to interact with the team as well as create chemistry with the members as he decided on which course to undertake at the university. While playing for the team he was advised on available Strathmore scholarships that he could apply for. Luide successfully applied and received the Strathmore University sports scholarship; a scholarship awarded to students who are top in academics and also play in the Strathmore sports teams.

Studying at Strathmore

Luide is grateful for the four years he studied at the university, stating that the experience was nothing short of what he expected. He’s grateful to the lecturers for readily being available to help them throughout their studies. He also applauds Strathmore for maintaining the attributes they are known for which include, discipline and excellence. Luide’s elder brother also studied at Strathmore for his undergraduate.


The family learnt about Strathmore through their grandmother who worked at Strathmore.

Balancing Basketball and Studying

His basketball schedule was very busy as they had tournaments all weekends in a year, apart from the major Christmas and New Year holidays. Due to this, the team held their practice sessions every weekday in the evenings, from Tuesday to Friday. With such a tight fitting schedule, Luide realized that he needed to find a balance so that he performs well. He ensured that he reviewed what he learnt from school every evening when he got home, while at the same time taking his course work very seriously. He also chose to remain consistent in attaining an average of 70% every year for the four years of his academic study.


Managing his time well was the key to his great performance both academically and in sports where he was awarded the Most Improved Player 2013 award.  

Luide’s Hobby

Aside from studying and playing basketball, Luide is also big on Graphic Designs where he secures contracts for graphic design work.

Role Models

Luide looks up to Lebron Jones, a basketball player who works at getting better in all he does, regardless of any challenges he is facing.


“Closer to home, I look up to Dr. James Mwangi of Equity bank. With everything he does, he always strives to leave a legacy, as he has already done with the banking sector. He lays testament to the fact that, if one strives to make a positive change in their society, everything else will follow. I would like to do the same one day in the technology industry.”


A major challenge Luide faced was in getting free time for himself. With the busy schedule especially due to sports, he rarely had time to join any other clubs at Strathmore, or even visit his family for the weekend.


Preparing for exams was also a big challenge because of training; physical fatigue made studying significantly harder.



Despite the busy schedule; balancing academics and sports and still remaining at the top, sums up Luide’s greatest achievement. One can do anything they desire, and do it at their best, as long as they have the will and drive to do it.


Future Plans

Luide would like to continue playing basketball, and possibly give the Ugandan League back home a try.


He would also like to make way towards a successful career or business endeavor, creating a path of hope that will inspire the youth towards self-motivation, an attribute he strongly believes is crucial for success.