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Graduand Spotlight; Loice Kerubo – Excellence in Class and as a Leader

22 year oldStrathmore Law School graduand Loice Kerubo Nyaribo, has excelled in exceptional ways both as a student and as a leader in the various positions she held at Strathmore.

Graduating with a 2nd class upper, having missed first class by only 3 points, the 2nd born in a family of 3 children expresses her Strathmore experience as a ball of great fun.

Loice was a leader in AIESEC club and Strathmore Chorale. She was also part of the founders of the Art and Heritage club, and is finishing as a leader in the Strathmore student council team. Being a leader in all these, did not deter the ambitious young lady to attain excellence in her academics to.

How was your Strathmore journey?

I never thought I’d ever join the law school and to be admitted as part of the Pioneer Class with a group of the most extraordinary people was exceptional. We learnt many lessons together, about law and about life, which I wouldn’t trade for anything or wish to have had them with anyone else. Along the way, I made friends with people both older and younger than me in the campus who supported me, advised me and even criticized me which shaped me into who I am today. Strathmore gave me the opportunity to try things I never thought I would before e.g. the Student Council and having an academic trip abroad which has broadened my view of life.

What activities were you involved with while on campus?

In the course of my four years I took part in a number of club activities;


I was a member of the Strathmore AIESEC club (which is technically an organisation rather than a club)


I was the chairlady of the Strathmore Chorale in my 3rd year.


I was a member of the Art and Heritage club and even dabbled with sports i.e. swimming for a short while.


In my 4th year, I also joined the Student Council which offered me great opportunities to attend educational conferences which are in abundance within and without the university.

Why those many activities?

I always have an urge to try new things, see what they have to offer and whether I’m fit to participate in them or not. That’s how I joined AIESEC, which I had never heard of before, and the Chorale in my 2nd as I had never been in a choir before. Together with other law school students, we created the Art and Heritage club to celebrate African heritage and even spearheaded the campaign against the tearing down of the African Heritage House, which is now a monument. Joining the Council in my final year was unexpected but has been extremely eye-opening to the different issues we face as students in the university.


All in all, never thought that I was doing many activities at once, rather, I thought that I was doing what I liked.

How did you balance studying and all these activities?

The balancing act between class and all these activities has always been a delicate one but allocating specific times to do specific activities helped me a lot. At times, the act didn’t work e.g. in my 2nd year, I was trying to balance my AIESEC and Chorale responsibilities as a committee member in both but I failed.


To maintain my grades, I chose to put a pause on my AIESEC experience after the end of my term and concentrated on choir alone. This was a hard decision but ultimately, I would never have managed both activities with the demands of my law classes.

What motivated you to give your all in all these?

The fact that when I like something, I like to do it to my greatest ability motivated me to give my all. If I could not handle any responsibilities on my own, I preferred to share them with someone else so that the quality of work isn’t compromised.

Do you have a role model?

Yes I do. My elder brother because everything he does is to achieve certain goals which he almost always attains. He is a big dreamer and doesn’t let other people’s opinions mar his plans for life.

What are your 5-10 year plans?

In 5 years, I would like to have completed Kenya School of Law and be enrolled in a master’s programme on energy or have completed my masters and working in the energy sector.

Outside of Strathmore activities, what do you do in your spare time?

I recently joined a gospel choir called Shofar which focuses on spreading the Good News of Christ; I attend practice weekly.


I’ve also taken up a liking to hanging out with AIESEC interns who come to do community service or internships via Strathmore. I find myself joining in their discovery of Nairobi and I love that I make new friends in the process.

Which highschool did you go to, what year did you finish and how did you perform in your KCSE?

I studied in Precious Blood Secondary School, Riruta and graduated in 2011 with a B+.



Congratulations Loice on your great successes!!!