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Graduand Spotlight: Ian Muge’s Competitive Journey to Success.

21 year old Ian Kiptoo Muge, the first born in a family of two, is set to graduate with a first class honours for the Bachelor of Science in Telecommunications degree in the upcoming Strathmore University graduation ceremony.

The academically endowed student attests to quietness and competition as his driving force while in school. His role model was his fortitude that kept motivating him to beat the odds.

Besides academics, Ian is a linguist with knowledge of four international languages together with our own Swahili.

Ian endeavored to stay at the top through school, owing to his competitive nature and the urge to be like those who have made it in life that he looks upto.

How did you join Strathmore?

Utumishi Academy, my highschool, had a partnership with Strathmore University where entry tests were given to form four students to assess their qualifications into joining the university. I took the tests and aced them. I was then required to participate in a debate to be shortlisted, but I opted to study ICDL (International Computer Driving License) programs and a language. This restricted my entry to Strathmore.


The university later called me to join the school for the Telecommunications course, which I gladly accepted.

Why Telecommunications?

The person I look up to as a role model, my uncle, studied telecommunications at his Masters and Doctorate level. He advised me on the benefits of studying the course, encouraging me to follow in the telecommunications path. I also realized while joining campus, that telecommunications was a novel course in Kenya because few people knew about it. This served as a great challenge and the journey in telecommunications began.

How was your Strathmore journey?

My journey was less of a challenge than I thought. It was fun. I loved the fact that my lecturers were very experienced.


Doing assignments was an obligation and I tried to put my best in them.

Were you involved in Extra-Curricular Activities?

I was in the Japanese club for a short time which was okay. I didn’t take up other activities because I am not a very social person.

Why Japanese, and how did you learn the other languages?

I chose Japanese because I wanted to learn a challenging language. It was very interesting.


I learnt Italian after high school when I was doing my ICDL.


The most recent language I am learning, Russian, I am learning using an app called Memrise.


What other experiences have you heard in your field?

I interned at SBS (Strathmore Business School), in the IT department. I had to extend the internship for a year to gain experience from the people I was working with. I worked as a systems developer.


Learning programming while in campus was a great deal, it helped me do a number of things while interning at SBS.

What are you currently doing and where do you envision yourself in the next 5-10 years?

At present, I am freelancing on systems development. I am hoping to get a job soon to get experience so that I can set up my own company.


I am still focusing on furthering my education. I have been accepted in a few universities for my masters.

Later, I will start a business on signal intelligence under telecommunications.

What motivates you?

People who have made it in life. I always say that if someone did this, why not me? No matter how difficult it may seem to be, I always look at the end results.


I also feel I have a role to play as a role model to my sister who is five years younger than me.

Since you’re not an outdoor person, what do you do for fun?

I love watching movies and learning new languages. My motivation in learning new languages being “don’t grow old and expand your mind.”