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Graduand Spotlight: Diannah Serah- Her Drive for Excellence and Mentorship

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence therefore is not an act but a habit”. These are the sentiments echoed by Diannah Serah’s impeccable brilliance in academics that earned her a spot in the dean’s list for four years consecutively. Her excellence in academic and character had her voted as the most outstanding student this year by her fellow classmates. Diannah is graduating with Bachelor of Commerce (BCom)-majoring in Accounting with first class honors. Her dream career is to be an auditor, a career path she is zealous about.

Her passion to always look out for the less fortunate in the society, saw her become a diligent member of the Community Service Centre (CSC), and she intends to spearhead this passion wherever life will take her.

Family Background

Diannah’s father is Kenyan while her mother is Ugandan. Born and raised in Kilifi, Mombasa, Diannah is the third born among her three siblings; two brothers and a sister.


She attended Kathiani Girls Secondary School Machakos, where she attained a mean grade of B+ in her KCSE examination.

Studying at Strathmore

Diannah’s interest to study at Strathmore University was piqued during a marketing visit by the university to her high school. Impressed by the credits granted to the university, immediately she finished high school she registered for her CPA course for the January 2011 intake. “I performed very well in my section one CPAs that I appeared in the Dean’s list. This was exciting and gave me courage to apply for a BCOM scholarship” explains Diannah. After a successful application process, Diannah was awarded a 70% Strathmore scholarship.


Other than academic excellence, Diannah’s most memorable moments from Strathmore will be based on her participation with CSC.  “Strathmore University was one of the key reason I joined CSC”, says Diannah, “I was deeply grateful for the scholarship I was awarded that I desired to see other people benefit from the university’s generosity.” It is from her involvement with CSC that Diannah discovered her passion for mentorship and helping the less fortunate. Currently, Diannah is involved in mentoring street boys under the Kwetu Children Home care. “There is nothing more heartwarming than watching children who had given up on life transform into young men with visions and determination to succeed for their future”, explains Diannah.


Diannah attests that she is not the same person she was before she joined the university. She believes she has grown intellectually, and the exposure she has had in the past four years shaped her life for the better. Finishing her CPA and graduating with excellent credits is something she is proud of; being voted the most outstanding student of the year was just the icing on the cake.


Her advice to other students “You are your own competition, don’t benchmark yourself with someone else; you will only be doing substandard work”.

Her Philosophy

Diannah is of the same school of thought as Martin Luther King Jr.; education is not just intelligence, it is character. She thrives in obtaining excellence in all she does, as well as ensuring that she’s shining in character.


Her strong drive towards success is rooted from the fact that she wants to shun mediocrity away, setting a good example for those younger than her that desire to get to where she is and even further. “What you do as a person reflects highly on your virtue system. So for me doing the right thing is not just a way to keep off mediocrity but also a platform to set an example for those who look up to me like their elder sibling,” she exclaims.

Role Model

One of the people Diannah looks up to is her mother: She motivates her, inspires her, encourages her to always give her best in all she does, and she is someone Diana can rely on at all times.


Her other role model is Michael Babu – CSC’s Programme Coordinator. Diannah is proud to have learnt excellence and maximizing of full potential, from Michael’s way of leading, especially during CSC visits.

Future plans

Diannah desires to secure a good job in auditing, and is also looking at mentorship options that she can be involved in to build the lives of the younger generation.

During her spare time… 

Diannah involves herself with photography an activity she loves being involved in. “I often try to get more knowledge on this through research or sharpen my photography skills by working alongside a friend who does professional photography,” she says.


She is also an avid reader of most especially biographies and spiritual books. 



We wish Diannah the best in her future endeavors.