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Graduate Spotlight; Court Case Records Management System by Emily Barongo

Borrowing her project idea from her sisters’ experience with the Kisii Law Courts where she interned for a while, Emily Bosibori Barongo, decided to create a Court Case Records Management System – a system that allows courts to file recorded information for defendants and plaintiffs. This was the final year project by 21 year old Emily, who will graduate as the 3rd top student in the Bachelor of Business Information Technology course.

Emily created a civil case system that; allows plaintiffs to file cases, defendants to file a defense, and the judge to allocate dates for hearing, after which the two parties can proceed to court on the date set for a hearing through the system. Emily wants to implement her new system in the Kisii Law Courts soon.

The Networking major student is appreciative of her 2nd year lecturer, who laid a good foundation for the course she has grown to love and enjoy studying. She currently interns for Schneider Electric as a Data Analysist.

Emily’s IT enthusiasm that led her to pursue the course she did, was inspired by an alumna of Strathmore, who also studied BBIT. Her friend encouraged her to join Strathmore to study the said course sensitizing on the fact that it is currently marketable and the world is headed the IT way. Although she did not study computer studies in high-school, her desire to excel in the course once she joins university, propelled her to undertake computer packages after high-school allowing her to have a feel of what IT was all about.

Scoring an A- in the KCSE national examination, afforded Emily an opportunity to get a Strathmore Loan when she joined University. Due to her great scores throughout her four years of university, maintaining an average of grade A, Emily received a 60% waiver on her loan – an aspect she is grateful for.

Coming from a very humble background, Emily’s parents were elated by her achievement, as she will be graduating with 1st class honours in the upcoming graduation. The 2nd born of five children has inspired her younger siblings to work hard in order for them to join Strathmore University in future.

Emily’s motivation to work hard was inspired by her mentor Anne Wangumo, who encouraged her to work hard to attain a waiver for the loan. She also advised her to work smart to beat the competition in the IT industry.

My dad is a mathematics and Physics teacher in Kisii School, this inspired my love for mathematics and physics. I loved and excelled in both subjects all through highschool. Emily’s love for these subjects inspired her to teach Macheo students on Saturdays, and with her following a rigorous timetable she managed to balance her academics with her teaching.

Emily has a mentee who is currently in her 2nd year at Strathmore University, whom she advises frequently on the joy of learning IT. She would advise ladies, especially from rural areas who are not exposed to computers, to grow a passion for the subject because it is a course that is doable by both male and female; adding that female IT experts excel in this industry. She wishes to work as a Project Analyst especially at Oracle Kenya.

When she is not working on IT matters; the passionate, hardworking, smart and intelligent lady, enjoys reading novels and hanging out with her friends.


Congratulations to Emily for her great achievement.