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Graduand Spotlight: Beryl Walubengo- I ‘lived’ in the Library

Beryl Walubengo can’t wait to toss high her square academic cap with a second class upper in the upcoming graduation ceremony. She is a first born in a family of six and has already set the bar high. Her academic achievement is solely based on determination and the urge to be a better person.


She is one person whose entrepreneurial skills are inborn. That is why she has a company dubbed Crystal Africa Cleaning Services Limited.


With a professional course in ACCAs (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) and a Bachelor of Commerce (BCOM) majoring in Finance, her desire is to live her dream – being a dollar billionaire.

Why Finance?

I thought it would be a good option.


If there was an alternative I would go for entrepreneurship, because I have always been doing a business from a tender age. Finance came in handy since I had done my ACCA to a higher level.

How was your journey in Strathmore?

It was a good place to be, having learnt a lot from the system. Dealing with ACCAs and BCOM concurrently, kept me on my toes.


I enjoyed the philosophy units as well. I like the philosophy aspect that makes me reason through what I am doing. It relates to my life directly and how I deal with other people.


I had to balance my life with these two courses by reading hard. Actually, I ‘lived’ in the library that is before I got into my business. I tried not to fail.

What business are you into?

My friend and I partnered to start a cleaning business. Currently, we have tenders from schools, premium homes and corporates, where we do garbage collection, sanitary bin distribution and tissue supplies. I also do post construction cleaning services.


Aside from that, I offer advertising and supply services.

What motive drove you to cleaning?

I was wondering who does clean-up for post construction sites. I followed up, and on realizing very few sites have cleaners I got motivated to do it. The business has been in operation for 9 months now.


We focus on Nairobi at the moment, but I supply tissues and serviettes country wide which I source from the manufacturers.

Did campus life play a role in your business?

Yes it did. The whole university experience helped me, especially when making decisions for myself. In school, I would be my own boss when I wanted to go to the library. This has been helping me to be committed to my clients and deliver their work in time.

Where do you see your business in future?

 It is called Crystal Africa for a reason. I believe that one day it will be well established in Africa. Our strategies are materializing bit by bit. The peak is our goal. I want to be a serial entrepreneur.

Who do you look up to?

 I am very picky when it comes to choosing a role model. I want a role model who believes in what I believe in. I like Jim Collins’ understanding of a business, especially in his book Good to Great.

What motivates you businesswise and academically?

In my business, the fact that I always account for my day before I go to bed motivates me. I feel bad when I sleep without accomplishing my purpose for the day. I believe we are the best judges of ourselves. It haunts me when I have not fulfilled a purpose.


Academically, I wanted to do better. I always say, at this season, I am a student and I ought to do what a student is supposed to do, reading hard and exceling in exams at the end of the day.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5-10 years?

As a dollar- billionaire. I will not limit myself to one business but a variety, as long as my business is doing well. The impact is what matters. I am not planning to get employment but I respect everyone in employment. My business will serve me and I want to be an independent lady when it comes to finance.