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Get roped into the SU wellness cycle


The Wellness team under the leadership of People and Culture department have initiated a series on the eight wellness dimensions that are aimed at Promotion, Prevention and Intervention of the health and well-being of each individual. These are: Physical, Spiritual, Emotional, Social, Intellectual, Mental, Financial and Occupational.

In this month of June 2021, the focus will be on Physical wellness, specifically in these three areas:

  1. Sleep

Do you wake up with neck pain, shoulder pain, numbness of arm, fingers, or with headaches? Then it may be time to switch up your sleeping position. Poor sleeping positions are those that will put unnecessary stress on your hips, back and neck.

Our physiotherapist at the SUMC will be giving us more information in video on sleeping positions and answering all your questions in the next Wellness monthly webinar

2. Nutrition

Are you aware of the amount of food you need and its nutritional content? Managing your food portions is about ensuring you consume enough of each food group to meet your daily energy and nutrient needs. Managing portion sizes can help prevent overindulging and therefore manage overeating and weight gain.

Our nutritionist at the SUMC in collaboration with our chef at the SU cafeteria will share practical ways on how to pick the right meal at any one time.

3. Fitness

Regular exercise helps to keep away chronic conditions such as heart failure, diabetes and hypertension amongst others and promote strong muscles and bones.

Our focus this month will be on Strength, Endurance, and flexibility.

Physical fitness can be achieved by taking part in different activities that will encourage movement. The Wellness team is enlivening My Strath Fitness Circle and will introduce various groups that will encourage each individual to keep healthy by physical exercise. Altogether the groups are:

  1. My Strath Fitness Circle
  2. Runners
  3. Walkers
  4. Hikers
  5. Cyclists
  6. Yoga

Kindly enroll to any of the groups as they will help you be accountable to your physical fitness. If you feel you do not fit in either group, talk to us, we want SU community to MOVE INTO FITNESS together.

Your questions on sleep, nutrition and fitness will be addressed in our monthly webinar on the 23rd June at 12 Noon.


This article was written by Catherine Kibunja, Wellness Coordinator, People and Culture Department.


If you have a story, kindly email: communications@strathmore.edu