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Fourth Year Project Spotlight: Olga Mulama, BBS Financial Economics


My journey at Strathmore University is nothing short of a miracle. I have had to retake several courses and at some point took over a year’s break from my studies. My name is Olga Mulama and I am currently doing work-study at the Strathmore University Medical Centre (SUMC) as I finalize on my degree in Bachelor of Business Science – Financial Economics. My fourth year project was recently published in the African Handbook of Climate Change Adaptation.

What can you tell us about your research that was published?

Climate change and economic growth are closely connected. Climate change has the potential to reduce economic growth in developing countries due to their limited ability to respond to the negative impacts of a changing climate. A better understanding of weather variability can enhance climate change policies, which would help support economic growth in these countries. As such, this research sought to examine if there is a long-run relationship between sectoral output and weather variables (temperature and rainfall) and to analyze the effect of weather variability on sectoral output using a panel of 13 sectors in Kenya.

What results did you gather?

The results indicate that there is a long-run relationship between temperature and sectoral output. Moreover, temperature has a larger effect on sectoral output compared to rainfall. With the evidence gathered from this research, it can be concluded that weather variability has an economic effect on sectoral output in Kenya.

You have mentioned that a Stratizen should never shy away from seeking help, kindly elaborate further.

During my first year, I struggled a lot while settling in as a university student. At some point, I had to discontinue my studies. I got stressed; this was reflected in my grade as the stress affected my studies. As a result, I flanked and had to retake exams and several units.  Also, not being able to raise fees lingered on my mind often, but I am grateful to Strathmore offered me a work-study opportunity to help settle my tuition. I can truly say Strathmore is my second family.

Who are some of the people that have influenced your journey as a Stratizen?

In no particular order, some of the staff and faculty that have impacted my journey this far include Christina Garashie, Sheila Kibicho, Fr. Charles Mundia, Harriet Koyoson, Elias Kaburu, and  Mr. & Mrs. Ngomi, just to mention a few. My sincere appreciation to academia gurus, Dr. Godfrey Madigu and Dr. Caroline Kariuki, who led me into identifying my area of research for the 4th year project and making the publication a success.

What one lesson would you give a Stratizen and why?

To always take the time to read through the emails. Back in 1st year I remember missing out on a trip to Italy only because did have the habit of going through all my emails. I advise all students to at least open and scan if not read all! You never know what lies on the fine print.

To learn more about Olga research finding and her other initiatives, click here and here.


This article was written by Annete Karanja.   


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