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FIT Class of 2014: An attitude of gratitude

Gratitude is a key value upheld by many. Last Monday 10th February, the FIT Class of 2014 held an unexpected session to show their gratitude to the faculty and administration staff, by holding for the first time, a session where students thank their teachers. They also organised a guest speaker session graced by CEO of Enablis, Mr. Moses Mwaura.


During the 4 years at Strathmore, I hadn’t been in a session where FIT students, lecturers, FIT administration team and the University administration had a get-together to interact away from the daily normal academic activities and routines. This was the first event of its kind and one that would clearly outshine previous FIT classes. Prior to the day, FIT 4th year students contributed money to buy small gifts, as tokens of gratitude for all the FIT lecturers who taught the class for the past four years. This part of the initiative had its challenges; however, many students rose to the occasion to support in one way or another.


On the material day, we begun at 2.00 p.m with Mr. Shibwabo giving remarks about the IS project briefing. Thereafter, students from each class shared their experiences of being in SU for the last four years.


In attendance was Dr. Charles Sotz, University Secretary, who gave befitting remarks on what the graduating students should always consider. He insisted that an open mind when the students go to the job market would serve one well. Dr. Orero, dean of the Faculty of FIT, lauded the students saying that the staff was impressed by the initiative.


Then the key guest, CEO, Enablis Africa, Mr. Moses Mwaura gave his remarks. His powerful presentation touched both students and lectures and it enlightened and empowered all in the audience. His presentation touched on ones ‘Life Cycle’, emphasizing ‘quarters’ of life and what the priority of each quarter should be.


After his speech, it was the moment for the students to show appreciation to their lecturers; gifts were handed out from the podium. The well-wrapped gifts with tags reading; ‘A token of gratitude from FIT Class of 2014 for your hard work and dedication’ were indeed a show of detail and attention by the givers; the students.


Thereafter our Dean of Students, Mr. Paul Ochieng who has been instrumental in advice and guidance gave his remarks and commended the students for the one-of- a-kind event. In his closing remarks, outgoing Dean, Dr. Marwanga, could not hide his joy and pride in the FIT Class of 2014 for starting such an initiative. Students and staff members were treated to a cocktail at fourth floor students’ center courtesy of FIT Administration.


Special thanks to CEO Enablis Africa, Mr. Moses Mwaura, Dr. Charles Sotz, Mr. Paul Ochieng, Dr. Reuben Marwanga, Dr. Joseph Orero, Mr. Shibwabo, Mr. Mayieka, Ms. Caroline Magiri for their guidance and support, the FIT students who raised contributions towards purchase of gifts  and Purpink Gifts for sponsorship.


By Jamal Mohamed