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First impressions are lasting

A first impression is a lasting impression and at Strathmore University, how one dresses is key in ensuring a conducive environment for study and work for the entire community. Further, it also assists prepare students for their future work spaces and creates a standard that all can adhere to.

Many a times, some of us have been stopped by the fashion cops five minutes to a class or to an exam. To make it worse, one generally doesn’t carry a change of clothes and one then has to take the long trip back home. The phrase “excuse me” from a fashion cop can scare the wits out of any Stratizen as they quickly scan your dressing.

We sometimes take their jobs for granted but they play a very key role in raising the standards of the University through adopting high standards of personal grooming. The dress code that they help enforce is what makes us stand out and creates a lasting impression in the job market.

Ever wondered how this came about? We had an interview with the team that works tirelessly to ensure the University dress code is adhered to.

What is your job title?

We are mostly known as fashion cops but our job title is Reception Assistant.

How did the name fashion cop come up?

The name came from students, who coined it from a local newspaper (the Pulse) that had a segment on Friday’s on dressing and fashion. We have over the years learned to embrace the title.

What does your job entail?

Our primary role is to ensure that the university dress code is adhered to by all around campus.  We also offer basic first aid skills during emergencies, support students through the mentoring department and guide visitors.

How long have you been at Strathmore University?

We are six of us and have been in Strathmore for more than 10 years.

How did the dress code start at Strathmore University?

We are not sure but if you look at the Strathmore culture it might have begun from the inception of the institution. Initially, we were part of the security department but currently we are in the mentoring department

How do you make sure that the University dress code is adhered to?

We enforce the dress code by identifying, checking, correcting, advising and guiding students on the university dressing.

What motivates you to come to work every day?

When we receive positive feedback. Take for example when students go for their work-based learning during their third year. Upon their return, they usually congratulate us on our work and how they had an easy time acclimatizing to the working environment. This is also witnessed when students graduate. Somehow many appreciate the lessons post university life. People also associate Strathmore University with well-groomed individuals which makes it stand out among its peers. It is this and many other examples that remind us our work is not in vain and that indeed we are truly making a difference. This gives us a feeling of satisfaction.

Why is the University dress code important?

The dress code provides an atmosphere conducive for study and work with minimum distractions. It also helps in fostering good moral standards and respect for the dignity of the human person.

Do you have any challenges in your line of work?

Yes, we do. Dealing with young adults can be stressful at times. Some students can be resistant or claim to be ignorant of the dress code. This makes it difficult for us to advise or correct them.

For more information on the University dress code, read your student hand book on page 32-35


This article was written by Tuzo Jonathan.

If you have a story, kindly email: communications@strathmore.edu