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Family: The foundation stone of society

“Carrelle, I am so proud of you. The fact that you are able to create all this content and engage other people is just unbelievable,” my Mom said. “Thank you, Mummy, I just hope people get to relate and like it” I simply replied. Then, she added: “Don’t worry there is always a first step and you have done it and the rest will fall into place. When you post something, be sure that your Dad and I will always be your first readers’, plus you are talented, I am sure people will like it”. When I was reading her message on WhatsApp, I couldn’t stop myself from shedding a tear. This was a conversation that I had with my Mom when I first published my blog and whenever I feel like I have not perfected my blog posts, I always remember these words and I smile. Now, this is family for me.

According to the Institute of Family Studies, sustainable societies depend upon strong families. Similarly, this is what St. Josemaria was teaching when he was talking about family, that the effectiveness, happiness, and success of children depend greatly on how the family brought them up. In his story about his family, he touched on how his father brought him closer to God and that is what contributed to how he lived his life until he passed away. Furthermore, there is this saying that goes: “A family that prays together stays together” If we look around our homes and around us, we can acknowledge the truth of this statement. The same way that a family that does most of the things together such as going to church together, having a timetable for dinner, where children are taught values at a young age, you find that there is harmony in that family and children grow up being the people they were shaped to become, better individuals in the society.

As humans, we don’t live in isolation. We live with other people which makes this world a community. Some studies done in the USA asserted that there are high chances for a child who grew up in a caring and stable family, that this child will make an impact around him/her. For instance, I can state with certitude that the person that I am today is because of my family. How they are always present in my life, to guide, to mentor and correct me when necessary. This brought me to the realization that growing up in a stable family that is always there and I ought to make this place a better environment by giving out my best. The family is the foundation stone of society because, as stated earlier, the children that are taught the spiritual values, to have the courage, to depend on themselves and how to live with others are later on the same children who are better individuals and who make this world better. That’s how St. Josemaria Escriva did it. As a result of growing up in a Christian family where he had the support of his parents and siblings, he was able to change people’s lives. Imagine for a second, if all families were bringing up their children in harmony and teaching them the values of living a better life. The world would be a better place.

This article was written by Carrelle Niyigena

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