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Faculty of information technology (fit) parent seminar

On 3rd May 2019 the Faculty of Information Technology (FIT) hosted parents and guardians of its current 4th year students at the University’s Auditorium.

The exciting journey of a student is a mixture of smooth straights as well as the inevitable and unpredictable corners. Nevertheless, the academic journey’s uniqueness is that, while the destination is reached by an individual student, the journey involves “many”. The “many” include the agents of guidance, instruction and care. This was key in the presentations made at the seminar which highlighted how each parent, guardian and member of faculty have their part to play in guiding, instructing and caring for the student.

Mentoring of the student is an essential part of guidance in preparation for student to be independent in the professional world. Celestine Kanjama from the Mentoring Services office addressed the parents on their interaction with the students. She spoke on how they have set out structures to promote a holistic growth of the student through guiding the student as they make both career and life choices. Mrs. Kanjama gave an elaborate breakdown on how the careers office facilitates this through a variety of platforms within mentoring services and career services.

The ever changing face of Information Technologies (IT) creates many opportunities for young professionals. Therefore, informed meticulous instruction is what can help the students maximise each opportunity’s full potential. Dr. Vincent Omwenga, a faculty member, highlighted the Initiatives made by FIT to introduce its students to the professional world as soon as possible. This he said “will produce graduates who fit the industry.” He called on parents to be actively part of the journey to help nurture creativity and a go-getter mentality in the student. The information presented to the parents was geared towards providing insight and clarity on the job market dynamics of today. This discussion sparked a healthy debate on the issue of employment versus self-employment. In his address, Dr. Omwenga also introduced a significant partnership with Microsoft, one that is designed to provide industry mentoring for the students of the Faculty. He further stated that the partnership will provide the student with a hands-on approach to industry readiness.

The third presentation was made by Dr. Lucy Muturi, the University’s clinic psychologist. She addressed the audience and described the current times and how a key role of the guardian is to be the chief promoter of mental wellness in their child. She made it clear that though the journey of the student is largely made on the intellectual plane, mental health serves as a determining factor on the quality of the outcomes of the student’s journey.

The closing address was by Dr Joseph Orero, the dean of the FIT, who spoke proudly of the general growth of the students while at the University. He reiterated the key topics of guidance, instruction and care as pivotal structures that uphold the student’s success. Thereafter, he introduced three outstanding students who achieved substantial success in IT while pursuing their degrees. The students’ stories provided examples on how far students can push the limits through creativity and by utilising the go-getter mentality.

After a successful seminar, tea and snacks were served, and the parents, guardians and faculty took advantage of this time to chat and get better acquainted.


This article was written by Neville Ramogo Otema


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