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Faculty Lecturer Simon Njuguna Emerges Top Countrywide in CIM Unit

Marketing Lecturer Simon Njuguna, from the School of Management and Commerce (SMC), emerged top student nationally in his level six Driving Innovation unit, for the CIM Professional Diploma in Marketing. His win, greatly proving that passing CIM units can be done, and completed successfully.

CIM (Chartered Institute of Marketing) is a United Kingdom-based professional body offering training and qualification in Marketing and related subjects, focused on Marketing and Sales for business; together with ongoing support for members. It is an important course for passionate marketers as its gives the practical approach into marketing, in addition to the theoretical approach from degree programs. The practicality of the course calls for students to analyze different topics based on real company issues and find solutions.

Simon studied his CIM course at Strathmore University – the only university offering the course nationally, and was glad to be in the pioneer class at the recent CIM-Kenya celebrations. Simon praised the CIM delivery process at Strathmore, which he affirmed is both unique and extremely rewarding. The professional and practical approach towards the course, makes it challenging as it calls for students to analyze different topics based on real company issues and find solutions.

Simon says that the course demanded dedication and sacrifice from his part, since he studied while working. Luckily, the unwavering support of the tutors, classmates, and family saved him from combustion on many occasions, and greatly contributed to his great success. Simon opines that by studying at Strathmore, it enabled him not only to gain an academic knowledge of the subjects but to also get an industry perspective and to have an understanding of realistic and practical situations in the work place.

CIM has four levels- 3, 4, 6 and 7. Simon got exemptions for level 3&4, based on the fact that he had completed his undergraduate and masters degree in Marketing, allowing him to start the course from level 6. The professional approach towards the course, combined with the practicality of the unit as a teacher, enabled Simon to perform well in the unit.

Nobody ever said CIM was easy and as all of my tutors will now attest, I am a perfectionist who actually tends to make it even harder for myself! I had initially failed one of the unit, which drove me to work very hard. I specially thank my tutor Mrs. Olgha Adede for raising the bar for the subject and enabling me to deliver exceptional results to excel. I was excited that I had passed the unit to start with, considering I had initially failed a unit in level 6, which drove me to work hard in this Driving Innovation Unit. But the greatest joy came when I learnt that I was the top student nationally. That was exciting to hear. I also passed the other Unit I had failed, which was double excitement generally. I have officially graduated from level 6 and I look forward to the next level.

The support from his family was encouraging to Simon, a father of two boys,who studied this particular unit when his wife was expectant. His wife would wake up in the middle of the night to check on him as he studied, just to ensure that he was doing well, and to offer any further support needed. This motivated Simon to push through the course.

I would not have been able to maintain that tricky balance during this time, much less achieve such high grades without her support and understanding given that she was expecting our second born. She was there for me all through and I am very grateful. I also acknowledge the immense support I received from the dean SGS and the dean SMC, the schools that supported the programme.

Another source of motivation came as a result of Simon’s great yearning to attain the CIM chartered status. Irrespective of the course’s demand, the fact that Simon committed to start and finish the program gives him the desired boost to push through, especially when times are difficult. Furthermore, the marketing industry is going global which causes Simon to desire to attain a global qualification, in line with the global trends currently being experienced.

At the graduation ceremony, it was interesting to find out that only one person in the graduating cohort had completed level 7, and she really inspired me to push through. The course is not as hard as people state, it just requires a different kind of practical approach that sometimes can seem difficult for someone who has not attained wide industry experience. I believe it is doable. I have to go for it.

Simon is also working towards attaining his PhD in Marketing, which may slow down his completion pace for the CIM, but nonetheless he aspires to finish the course. Currently, there is a gap in marketing lecturers with doctoral degrees, a factor that persuades Simon to push through with attaining both the PhD and CIM.


Congratulations to Simon on his great success.