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Excellence in the eyes of “Papa”

When they asked me to interview you, they told me to contact Papa, now that I have traced you, please tell me your real name and when you joined Strathmore University.

My name is William Musau. I started working in Strathmore University in 2001.

Tell me something about yourself.

Before joining Strathmore University I had tried employment in many different places including households, small businesses in Mombasa, etc. but I found myself getting more focused when I joined the University. I have been able to educate my children and that makes me very happy. Education is the best gift you can give your children as it covers everything. It does not depend on seasons. God blessed me with the gift of working in Strathmore University.

Can you tell me what Strathmore University is all about according to you?

Strathmore University is about working responsibly (he calls it kujipanga). It is about working with sacrifice (calls it kujitolea). Sometimes I ask myself if I was the founder of Strathmore University how would I work. Then I work like that. I would like to tell everyone to think like that.

Strathmore requires you to work hard. Do not work hard in comparison with your colleague, or for your boss to see you. Work as if you are your own supervisor. Do not work for the money only. There is more to work than money.  You have light inside you. Let it be seen in your work.

Strathmore has also taught me to appreciate people because each one needs each one. There are things that I can do that those who are more educated than I am cannot do, and vice versa. I always remember that the gifts that God gives us are as different as the fingers on our hands, yet each finger is important.

Strathmore University is also about learning to respect yourself and to respect others.

You have worked for eighteen years in Strathmore. What can you tell me about the current tendency that people have, to keep changing jobs?

I would advise younger people to stay and cultivate their skills in what they have first, otherwise, they will be constantly dissatisfied. If you need to move, keep working hard and praying and God will open other doors. It is him who opens those doors. After all, jobs are there but they will require you to be trustworthy first, hardworking, organized and able to persevere (he calls it kuvumilia) in one place.

What else can you tell me about working here?

I think about how St. Josemaria Escrivá planned to have people of mixed races and backgrounds work together. This is what makes Strathmore University different. I have come to see the bigger picture of God guiding my life. Safari ya maisha ina milima na mabonde (literally: the journey of life has many hills and valleys) but Strathmore University nurtures people to see beyond this and be forward looking.

Thank you very much for your time.

Thank you too. Let me drive a student to the hospital now.


This article has been written by Emerenziana Oduor

If you have a story, kindly email: communications@strathmore.edu