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DVC. Prof Izael completes the Standard Chartered Full marathon

Congratulations Prof. For participating once again in the standard chartered full marathon in 3 hrs, 53 mins, tell us about it?


At 53 yrs of age, running a marathon is not a small achievement. I have had to prepare very well, although this year I started a bit late, at the end of August. I made sure that I went to bed early to rise early with time to run a bit every day for about 40 days.


What does it take for you to prepare for a marathon?


During weekdays, I would run 5 km per day so as not to get injuries, however on weekends, I would run longer distances, 15km, 20km, 25km and sometimes 30 km. This is important to “teach” the muscles not to give in after only 15 or 20 km, experts call this stopping “hit the wall”. On diet, nothing spectacular, eat well, breakfast, lunch and dinner and most important sleep early.


What would you say to inspire SU staff to think of a fitness program like yours and of course benefit the society by participating in noble causes such as stanchart marathon?


The marathon is just an excuse for a health living. When I run, I need to sleep well, eat well and be faithful to the training. Most importantly is to start slowly, 1 or 2 km to start with and build it from there. With regular training, I work better, eat better and have a quality sleep which finds me fresh in the morning. Another advantage of regular sport is that one does not get flu as often, hence less visits to the clinic.