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Dr. Wang’ombe meets fourth-year SMC students

The meeting started at 10:30 with a warm welcome from SMC Manager, Roseline Lubullelah who welcomed SMC Dean Dr.Wangombe.


Dr. Wangombe began by congratulating the 4th years for their hard work and focus for the three years they have pursued their BCOM degree in Strathmore University. He reminded them that the journey was not yet over and in fact the remaining one year tends to be challenging to most fourth years. Some have fears of life after school, employment opportunities and Independent life after campus. Dr. Wangombe encouraged the students and told them not to allow the fears to let the fears get into their way of graduating. 


The Dean discussed the following agenda with the students:



The student grades were based on arithmetic mean. Students who scored 69.9 are not in the first class category since marks are not rounded off. Students with this score tend to request for remarks to meet the gap .The Dean warned the students to be cautious of the remarks because they can either raise or reduce the marks, he instead encouraged the students to work hard always to meet the required pass marks.


Students doing double major need to complete all the 57 units in order to graduate. Common units across specializations need to be replaced from another specialization.


Remedial classes depend on a number of students to make a quorum. Students should enquire and about remedial classes being offered to avoid last minute rush. Once a student fails a unit, he/he may opt to apply for a re-take. Students have to be also certain about the retake and the repeat because once it is registered in the AMS it cannot be reversed from a retake to a repeat or vice-versa.


All fees need to be cleared before graduation .Convocation fee also has to be paid even if the student is not attending the graduation.

Research Project


The research project is a reflection of what the student have learned hence students have to give it maximum attention. It is a double unit hence the increase in fees in the last semester however students are allowed to pay for the project across two semesters.


Allocation of supervisors is done by the end of the semester according to specializations. Students are however allowed to change their supervisors along the way.


The research project normally sees many students left out for graduation due to late submission of reports, appearing late or no appearance for the defense .Students should give the project maximum attention.


International trips


Each School in Strathmore University has different tariffs that they use, hence the difference in school fees. SMC will plan to have international trips which will not be compulsory. Expenses have to be balanced due to the scholarship students.


The Dean informed the students that he will meet with the class representatives to plan for local trips.


The students raised concerns over the need for talent day which was to be communicated to the Dean of students.


Student issues


Alfred Kamanu was introduced as the new administrator for 4th years so as to give them undivided attention.


The Dean emphasized on Practical entrepreneurship unit where students are assessed based on their businesses which should be operational. The unit is aimed at helping students run their businesses well.


The Dean informed the students that he was going to organize round tables forums with key market specialists in the student’s areas of specialization so as to engage them in questions about the industry.


The meeting ended at 11am. The students took tea as they interacted with the Dean.