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Creativity and talent blooming in the Business School

During the month of June, the Advertising and Promotions Management class taught by Dr. Kuthea Nguti was working on ingenuity projects. At the end, the students displayed their works and voted for the best project.

Team “Renegade”, an original fictitious energy drink, and Team “Beefo”, based on an existing product by Farmer’s Choice outshone the rest. The members of the winning teams included Anoushka Kassam, Brian Njuguna, Ethan Ndung’u, Favour Chananel Ruhiu, Jasvir Gill, Prudence Kirocho, and Wesley Gode.

Why was the assignment exciting?  

“It allowed us to create a video and find content that meets our target audience,” said Brian. Wesley believes being able to come up with an original product was amazing. For Favour, working as a team stood out most, for example, the research and brainstorming sessions they held. As for Jasvir, letting his creativity flow with no limitations kept him on course for the task. The cherry on top for Anoushka was Dr. Nguti. She was the DJ and played song requests between presentations while the groups set up.  

What do you enjoy about Marketing/Advertising? 

For Prudence, it allows her to freely share her ideas while learning from the diverse talent and creativity of her classmates. For team “Beefo” the venture offers a rainbow of options when it comes to career specialization. For example, product placement, packaging, sales, and many more. Besides, the ever-changing nature of the industry due to trends erases the monotony that comes with some careers. Finally, yet importantly, the real-life experiences shared by Dr. Nguti and her invited professionals nudges you into this industry, added Jasvir.

What challenges did you face and how did you overcome them? 

One of the challenges encountered was the lack of face-to-face interaction. However, we all committed to several zoom meetings to engage all members. Secondly, shooting a commercial from home was a major challenge as everybody was in quarantine. Our solution was to use some apps to combine various videos to compile the commercial. Lastly, deciding on what product to advertise since there is a wide range of products and services offered in the market today. As a result, we opted to consider our team’s previous works and ideas then settled on one that we could improve on.

Why do you think the other students voted for your commercial? 

Some of the reason why we captivated the other students were

  1. Everyone loves dogs and it was a fun activity that involved using all the elements that allowed one to create a cohesive commercial.
  2. The originality and the aesthetic appeal of the advert. For example, an energy drink made by Africans for Africans.
  3. From the feedback we received, the brand statement was insightful and the advert was engaging especially the Kendrick Lamar song.



Congratulations to all who participated and well done to team “Beefo” and team “Renegade”. In this course be yourself, be willing to learn new skills, immerse yourself in new trends, and let others challenge your views. Without a doubt, we can say that this assignment is the highlight of our journey as Stratizens. An amazing experience that students can look forward to!


The article was written by Annete Karanja.


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